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In any normal Presidential year, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t even be talked about being Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential choice.

But in 2020 the Democrats clown car of presidential candidates was so thin and transparent that, despite being nicknamed “The Human Gaffe Machine.” 

Not one of them came close to threatening the Democrats 108-year-old front-runner Joe Biden.

But over the past few months, the Democrats presumptive nominee has come off so inept that if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided he wanted to jump in the presidential race at the last minute. 

The DNC would kick Joe Biden to the curb in a heartbeat.

In Another Other Year, Donald Trump Would Win In A Landslide

Even though Donald Trump is the most singularly nonpartisan president since Ronald Reagan.

Despite having the hottest economy in history, before the Coronavirus through a monkey wrench into America’s economic engine that had been running on all cylinders.

Despite President Trump tackling issues popular among regular voters of both parties yet only talked about by politicians for decades, such as:

      • Illegal immigration, protecting our southern border.
      • NAFTA, and China Trade imbalances.
      • American taxpayers footing the bill for NATO and to have our military protect every ally.
      • Lowering the Black and Latino unemployment rate.
      • Crime and Prison Reform.

Despite all that President Trump has accomplished. Due to the House ‘Get Trump’ Democrats constant investigations and attempted coup.

Combined with their mainstream media cohorts spewing every radical progressive Trump-Hate talking point or left-wing conspiracy theory.

The Democrats believe if they have a decent ticket in November. They will easily beat that Orange Monster currently occupying the White House.

The Fake News Media

Even Conservatives must admit the Democrats have done a fairly good job of demonizing President Trump.

Of course, that’s easier to accomplish with a fake news media who cares little about reporting facts.

As we recently reported despite President Trump saying at his recent Lincoln Memorial Town Hall:

Look, I’m a greeted with a hostile press the likes of which no President has ever seen. The closest would be that gentlemen [pointing to the Lincoln statue] right up there they always said nobody got treated worse than Lincoln, I believe I am treated worse.”

CNN selectively edited the video to only have President Trump saying:

“They always said nobody got treated worse than Lincoln, I believe I am treated worse.”

In order for the Clown News Network to scream:

“How Dare Trump Say He’s Treated Worse Than Abraham Lincoln… Lincoln Was Assassinated!”

Joe Biden “The Human Gaffe Machine”

 A year ago when the polls showed Joe Biden was leading the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates by a wide margin. Democrats believed an occasional gaffe by Clueless Joe was acceptable.

But throughout that time Joe Biden’s gaffes went from a weekly occurrence to a daily occurrence, to now ‘What stupidity has Biden spewed this hour?

And don’t forget Joe Biden is spewing unforced idiocy, and Donald Trump hasn’t even started taking Clueless Joe to the woodshed for his daily beat-down!

Now, the Democrats have a huge problem because not only is their VP choice a heartbeat away, but they’re also a Biden brain cell away from being President.

And with their lineup of candidates, who do they’ll have to counter Vice President Mike Pence. Or President Trump saying “What If Poor Old Creepy Joe’s Dementia kicks in Bigly?”

Do you think America will vote for Vice-President Pete Buttigieg? Or Kamala Harris? Or Stacey Abrams? Or VP Beto O’Rourke? Umm, That’ll be a NO!

The DNC knows without a solid VP on the ticket. President Trump will not only win, but he’ll also win in a landslide. 

And if that happens the Democrats could quite possibly lose the House as well.

Vice-President Hillary Clinton

Even Democrats who hate Donald Trump understand, it’s better to dance with the devil you know, than vote for a man on the verge of having dementia and his plus one.

The Democrats’ know that their only chance at beating Donald Trump in November, is nominating Hillary Clinton as their VP.

In the DNC’s opinion, Hillary has the experience to step in as President when, not if, Joe Biden inevitably reserves his bed at the Hotel Dementia.

The DNC will sell the VP slot to Hillary as her being “President 1a.” Plus if Joe Biden is this clueless in 2020, imagine how comatose he’ll be in 2024?

There’s also the fact that Hillary knows that if by some miracle (or by cheating) the Democrats do beat Donald Trump in 2020.

The Clinton Cabal will do all they can to kick Joe Biden’s gaffe-prone ass to the curb as quickly as possible.

Worst-case scenario, there’s still plenty of room to pencil in another name to the Clinton Body Count ledger.

If the DNC can’t convince New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to throw his hat in the ring. Or convince Michelle Obama to be the Biden’s VP. Both of whom have already stated that they have no interest in doing.

Then get ready for the Democrats 2020 balloon drop…

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

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