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Joe Biden is dominating in the polls, his fundraising is going like gangbusters and he’s showing broad support from every Democrat political demographic.

So why is it Clueless Joe’s rallies have all the excitement of watching paint dry?

While Joe Biden gets nothing but positive press coverage about his rallies, unlike Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democrats are starting to wonder “Why is a Joe Biden rally like going to a funeral?”

Many Democrats are not going to be fooled by the fake news network coverage like they were in 2016, and have already started asking:

  • Where are the big energetic Trump-like crowds?
  • Why doesn’t Joe Biden get lines around the block like Donald Trump always does?

In 2016 the news reports were painting Hillary Clinton as the most exciting politician in history, meanwhile, Trump supporters were saying wait, what?

In 2019 MAGA supporters of Donald Trump understand just how deeply the Mainstream media are in the DNC’s pocket.

So why ask again when all you’ll get a 2016 cut and paste answer claiming “Hillary Clinton Joe Biden is drawing in huge crowds, just look how this High school gymnasium is nearly full.”

For Democrats, the question is very relevant in a party still recovering from their bitter 2016 shellacking.

That 2016 loss was punctuated by two things:

  1. A lack of enthusiasm for an establishment nominee.
  2. Hillary Clinton having the energy of a 50-year-old ‘double A’ battery.

In his first visit to Iowa, Joe Biden — polling at 35% — couldn’t even pull in the crowds that showed up for a pow-wow with Pocahontas who’s polling at 2%

So far, Biden, as Hillary did in 2016, is trying to hide his puny crowds by booking smaller venues where, with a little trick photography, his campaign can make it seem like Clueless Joe packed the house.

Of course, Democrat Photographers don’t even bother packing the wide angle lenses that Trump photogs call a ‘must have.’

Even at this early stage of the 2020 Presidential season, President Donald Trump has taken notice of Joe Biden’s bore-fests and has publicly mocked him for it, nicknaming him “Sleepy” Joe Biden.

Biden has yet to draw anything near the number of people that Donald Trump routinely does ever since he took that escalator ride into history.

Unlike 2016 there are some Democrats that don’t have their heads buried in the sand.

Aimee Allison, founder, and president of She the People, a national network devoted to promoting women of color said:

“I started to think the polls were wrong about Biden because it’s not what we’re seeing on the ground,”

But despite the evidence, Joe Biden’s campaign is taking the 2016 Hillary approach and going with their “Feelings” over facts.

Clueless Joe’s campaign spokesman T.J. Ducklo recently said:

“We’re seeing enormous enthusiasm for Joe Biden’s candidacy across the country, beginning the very first day of the campaign when he got over 100,000 contributions — 65,000 of which were brand new to our lists — from all 50 states,”

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz summed up “Sleepy” Joe Biden the best:

“Trump’s rallies are big and raucous and enthusiastic. And the reason that matters is that in today’s politics, people want to be part of something,”

“Joe Biden’s rallies look like an event where you would give a gold watch to the Democrat for a lifetime of service.”

“Joe Biden wants to make America bored again. It’s like he wants to put his audience to sleep,”


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