Ilhan Omar Be Gone Rally in Brooklyn
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Protesters gathered outside Democrat Rep. Max Rose’s Brooklyn office urging him to demand Nancy Pelosi remove anti-Semite Ilhan Omar from the House’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

The protest against Ilhan Omar took place outside of Rep. Max Rose’s Bay Ridge Brooklyn congressional office on Sunday and was organized by former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind a Democrat, demanded Rep. Max Rose take a firm stand and speak out against Ilhan Omar’s continual use of Antisemitic tropes.

Rose, who is Jewish, not considered a moderate Democrat, represents New York’s 11th congressional district which includes all of New York City’s borough of Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn.

In 2018, after receiving endorsements from former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden. Rose went on to defeat his Republican opponent Dan Donovan, in a mild upset 52.8% to 46.8%.

In beating Donovan the Freshman Congressman became only the second Democrat to win the 11th district House seat since 1981.

While protesters calling for the removal of Ilhan Omar were happening on one side of the street, another group gathered on the other side to show their support for Minnesota’s antisemitic congresswoman.

This counter-protest blamed the protest wanting Ilhan Omar’s removal on bigots who only want to see her ouster because Omar is a Somali refugee and also her being one of two Muslim women ever elected to the House of Representatives.

Who would have guessed it, Democrats playing the race card? Color me shocked!

Democrat Rep. Max Rose issued a standard DNC ‘I opposed hate’ political statement, that failed to mention Ilhan Omar by name.

“We all have the responsibility to stand up to hatred and educate those who may be ignorant to how their words can hurt or incite old wounds,” 

Here is a local report from Brooklyn’s Channel 12 news:

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