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Megan Rapinoe powered by nothing more than her USWNT wokeness and lack of self-awareness.

Rapinoe threatens to go on an ego trip that would rival anything we’ve seen form anyone else before, and that includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

I don’t mind Megan Rapinoe ’s purple hair, her sexuality, her moronic public dancing, her swearing in front of children, or her posing with champagne while shouting “I deserve this!” because screw T-E-A-M!

Hell, I don’t even mind the Fake News media trying to force America to listen to every pronouncement from their latest “shero.”

Her kneeling during the national anthem is a personal choice that I despise, but as an American she has the right to her own opinion and to act any way as moronic as she pleases.

And I will defend her right to do so, as I expect her to defend my right to call her a ‘hypocritical imbecilic ass-hat!’

And I tell you exactly why none of Megan Rapinoe’s antics bothers me at the end of this article.

Megan Rapinoe had evidently decided to turn the past month into her personal political pulpit from which to she’ll line her pockets with the profits from being the liberals latest ‘Flavor of the month’ he/she.

What bothers me about Megan Rapinoe, as it does with other liberal loony toons such as AOC, and Ilhan Omar. Is Rapinoe’s intellectual dishonesty.

Such as her ridiculous claim that “you can’t win without gays” which that, right there, is Megan Rapinoe’s liberal logic in action

Of course, let’s not forget her self-serving demands for “equal” pay. While she collects a million-dollar bounty from Nike, while many of her teammates will have to make do with their Nancy Pelosi like crumbs.

Then there is ultimate hypocrisy of protesting the National Anthem because of Women’s right, Women’s Equality, Equal Pay and the children… those poor children and there mothers having to live in squalled conditions.

But as with all Liberal Progressives, Megan Rapinoe lacks the self-awareness gene, because while counting all that money she’s getting from Nike, she doesn’t give a rats ass about the sweatshops Nike is running in Southeast Asia.

Amazingly, 85% of Nike’s slave labor workforce are women of color working in squalled conditions.

Aww screw it! I guess Megan Rapinoe doesn’t care because they’re not “the Right Shade of color” to worry about with her pocket’s stuffed full with Nike’s green.

President Trump I Have Something To Say To You!

Megan Rapinoe also boasted that she wouldn’t “f**king go to the White House” if invited after winning, as if President Trump would be losing sleep over her decision, and start screaming “No Megan… NOOOOOOO!

Of course, Megan Rapinoe wasn’t intelligent enough to say to herself: Hey, I’ll get to meet the President of the United States, and then I can tell him nicely face-to-face what issues I have with his policies toward the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community.

Nope, that requires a brain, and that pink goo she her head with clearly melted he/she’s brain away a long time ago.

Amazingly, instead of meeting the president and talking to him from a distance of 5 feet. On Wednesday, she/he used her victory parade speech in New York 500 miles away to tell Donald Trump what he “needs” to do.

Like I mentioned before ‘Megan Rapinoe’s Liberal Logic In Action’

While the media hails her as a “national treasure” and dismisses her critics as sexists, racist homophobes who cannot handle self-proclaimed “badass” women.

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There’s a Silver Lining To Every Pink Dyed Cloud

Wherever the line is between cocky right-on activist and obnoxious moron… Megan Rapinoe crossed it weeks ago.

But the next time you see Megan Rapinoe regurgitating the latest talking point handed to he/she by a DNC operative just remember one thing.

The longer Megan Rapinoe remains in the headlines, spewing her anti-America drivel. The more American’s she’ll convince to turn out and vote for President Trump in 2020.

Watch Ben Shapiro’s Take On Rapinoe

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