2020 presidential election odds
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In early June we posted the latest odds on who will win the 2020 United States presidential election

At that time Donald Trump’s re-election odds +175 looked promising compared to the Democrat front runner Joe Bidden +425.

Since the first official Democratic debates took place on June 26 and 27 the odds have dramatically changed.

See who performed well and who didn’t come out of the debates unscathed, and who the oddsmakers thought was the biggest winner of the two-day Democrat debacle.

The way this works is for every 100 dollars you wager if your candidate wins you’ll receive XX amount in return.


  • In our June 6th story President Donald Trump was +175 to win the election. +175 means for every $100 wagered, you would win $175. In other words, you won $75.
  • Joe Biden was +425 which meant that for every $100 wagered, you would win $425. In other words, you won $325.

Kamala Harris leapfrogged over Joe Biden after she ripped into the former VP over Clueless Joe praising his work with Southern segregationist Democrat senators.

Read our story our evidence that proves Kamala Harris was lying during her well-rehearsed “I was a poor black child” Oscar-worthy Performance.

The Real Democratic 2020 Presidential Debate Winner… President Donald J. Trump

While the fake news political pundits were drooling over Kamala Harris after the first round of debates, Donald Trump was the clear winner.

Donald Trump’s odds to win the 2020 Presidential election moved from +175 in early June to now -110 after the Democratic debates concluded.

Oddsmakers have set California Senator Kamala Harris as President Trump’s closest competition

  • +500 to win the White House (risk $100 to win $500).
  • +250 to win the Democratic party nomination.
Support Boots on Ground Trump 2020!

We suggest the President read our article on just how Kamala Harris worked her way up the Political ladder

Odds As Of June 30, 2019

Odds Before and After The 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate

Donald Trump+50-110
Kamala Harris+800+250
Joe Biden+175+325
Elizabeth Warren+400+400
Bernie Sanders+800+600
Pete Buttigieg+800+650
Andrew Yang+1000+1200
Tulsi Gabbard+3300+2500
Beto O’Rourke+2500+4000
Amy Klobuchar+7000+4000
Cory Booker+3300+2500
Julian Castro+5000+2500
Kirsten Gillibrand+10000+8000
Bill de Blasio+10000+15000
John Delaney+10000+20000
Michael Bennet+10000+20000
John Hickenlooper+10000+20000
Marianne Williamson+10000+20000
Jay Inslee+10000+20000
Tim Ryan+10000+20000
Eric Swalwell+10000+20000

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