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Kamala Harris is being hailed as the big winner, but her big moment
in the second 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate was all a Lie

If other websites confirm our story it’ll spell the end of Kamala Harris who already has a tarnished reputation

At the Democrats second debate Kamala Harris took former Vice President Joe Biden to the racial woodshed and gave him an Arse Whoopin over his past record on segregation.

Harris’ big moment was when she lectured Joe on how she was in the second integrated class in Berkeley, California.

She suggested that the local school district had failed, adding, “There are moments in history where states fail to preserve the civil rights of all people.”

Of course, Twitter immediately declared Kamala Harris Queen of the Democrat 2nd Debate

What Kamala Harris Claimed

Harris Claims she belonged to the second class to integrate at the Berkeley public schools.

Kamala Harris Plays The Gotcha” Race Card

Here is EXACTLY what she said:

And, you know, there was a little girl in California, who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bussed to school every day.

And, that little girl was me

Kamala Harris lied.

Kamala Harris was BORN in 1964

The school she attended (If she attended, see below) in Berkeley had already integrated in 1963.

So her school was integrated ONE YEAR before she was born.

Here’s a photo from the 1963 Berkeley yearbook. Clearly ONE YEAR befor Kamala Harris was born the school had been segregated.

My guess is Kamala Harris pulled a Hillary Clinton and while this school may have indeed been the second school district integrated, that happened years before she ever attended.

Kamala Harris Berkeley segregated School 1963
Kamala Harris’ Berkeley School was segregated in 1963

In What Year Did She Move To Canada?

There are conflicting reports and we will continue to do our best to track down the exact date she moved to Canada.

The only fact we do know is she has talked very little about moving to Canada.

Here is what we know so far

According to Harris’ book The Truths We Hold: An American Journey

Harris wrote that her parents divorced when she was seven, and her mother was granted custody of the children by court-ordered settlement. After the divorce, when Harris was 12, (Grade 6 or 7) her mother moved with the children to MontrealQuébec, Canada

Some unverified website reports claim that Kamala went to school in Berkeley for only 2 years.
  • According to these sites at age 7 her mother was granted custody of her in the divorce from Harris’ father Donald Harris. (Verified)
  • Dr. Shyamala G. Harris, Kamala Harris’ mother then moved to Montreal, Canada to do research at McGill University, (Verified – but what Year?)
  • Kamala attended grade school and high school in Canada. (High school Westmount High School verified – Grade School NOT Verified)

We have contacted McGill University and asked for the dates that Dr. Shyamala G. Harris was doing research there, but they have not responded back.

Kamala’s  mother, Dr. Shyamala G. Harris made substantial contributions to the field of hormones and breast cancer, publishing her research in countless journals and receiving numerous honors.

At this time we have found numerous research papers that were attributed to Dr. Shyamala G. Harris.

One research paper from her mother was received 10 March 1975 (She Would Have Been 11) that research paper listed Dr. Shyamala G. Harris as working at the Department of Zoology and its Cancer Research Laboratory, University of California Berkeley, California 94720.

The next paper we found was from 1979 (She Would Have Been 15) that research paper listed Dr. Shyamala G. Harris as working at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research of the Jewish General Hospital Montreal, Canada H3T1E2

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What we do not know is if Dr. Shyamala G. Harris’ research paper that was received on March 10, 1975, who could have moved to Canada, still listed the University of California Berkeley due to the fact that the research was performed at that University?

As we mentioned Kamala Harris has not talked about her time in Canada, and we may have to wait until she conducts interviews in which they ask her more detailed questions.

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