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Every So Often I Find Myself Wondering Is This Story From A Parody Account?

But Nope This Hillary Clinton Story Is REAL!

Unlike far too many liberal websites, I’m careful not to get caught reporting on a Hillary Clinton story from The Onion, or The Babylon Bee.

While they are great sites for sure, and you should give them a look-see, they’re still fake news but in the good way, and not the CNN fake news way.

So when this came across my Twitter feed alarm bells started ringing.

Then they rang louder once I did my due diligence and found out OMG IT’S TRUE!

They even have a website!

Yes, let’s have the woman whose ‘poop while you email’ bathroom server got hacked, and they went to their never-fail super-duper secret security defense measure… Pulling the plug until the morning.

Yes, let’s have the woman who was warned by the FBI their computer system was vulnerable to hacking, but did nothing about it right up until the time Hillary Clinton and John Podesta Screamed in unison:WE’VE BEEN HACKED!

Yes, let’s get the woman who thinks wiping a computer involves a cloth, and who deletes emails on her phone by whacking it with a hammer.

Yes, This is the person I want to be the Keynote Speaker at My Cyber Defense Summit 2019

You Couldn’t Make This Up If You Tried”

Hillary Clinton is really only qualified to be the keynote speaker at the “How to get hacked” Summit 20-Forever

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