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California Governor Gavin Newsom tried to disparage President Donald Trump by claiming ‘Around the world, It’s a beacon of light.’

Maybe Newsom meant those flashing Red ones that warn people to stay away?

The only thing Gavin Newsom’s tweet proved was California desperately needs to change their state’s nickname from “The Golden State” to the more accurate “State Of Denial”.

Gavin Newsom is just one of the many reasons why we’ve always recommended that President Donald Trump starts building the wall around California first.

Build The Wall Around California

California Dream? You’re Dreaming!

Sorry Gavin Newsom, because from any sane vantage point, that California dream looks an awful lot like the worst nightmare possible.

California Is The Sh*thole President Trump Was Really Talking About

We at have extensively covered the poop problem, from Los Angeles to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco, which Gavin Newsom also happened to be mayor of, California is the real sh*thole.

It’s such a sh*thole when California is described as a third world country, third world countries are outraged to be disparaged like that.

After President Trump tweeted:

Of course, everyone from San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, to Nancy Pelosi, To Gavin Newsom called President Trump a liar… But who came to President Trump’s defense…

Not only did the liberal leftist SFGate defend President Trump but thousands of San Franciscans also agreed with Trump.

And when you can get San Franciscans to agree with Donald Trump you know it’s gotta be bad.

But Let’s Just See How California is doing overall, shall we…

Has the lowest quality of life in the U.S.

Ranks Among Worst States In US For Working Moms 

Ranks #48 in overall personal and economic freedoms.

2018, and 2019’s Worst State For Business

Has The Highest Rates of Homelessness

Number One State With Worst Air Quality

The Highest Poverty Rate In America

Ranked 3rd On The List Of Least Affordable States

Ranked 40th in Education 

39.5% Of California School Children Live In Low Income Families

Came in 42nd As The Best State For Middle Class America To Live In

Fourth Highest level Of Income Inequality In America

7 of the top 10 cities in America With The Worst Air Pollution Are In California – LA Ranked #1

Has The Fourth Highest Tax Rate In America – NY ranked #1

Ranks 40th In Healthcare Accessibility

48th Worst State In Taxpayer Return On Investment

Ranked 42nd Among U.S. States For Fiscal Health

It’s Not All Bad For California

California Did Finish #1 In The Nation… The Top Three states that have the most residents packing up and leaving, or as we like to call it ‘Fleeing For Their Lives” for other states.

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Illinois

These three states also happen to have the three largest Democrat controlled cities in America LA, NYC, and Sh*tcago

Coinkydink… I Don’t think so.

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