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Republican Robert Foster running for Mississippi governor told a female reporter that he couldn’t be interviewed by her unless she was accompanied by a male colleague.

The female reporter, Larrison Campbell of Mississippi Today, had been asking to go on a “ride-along” with Robert Foster when his campaign director reportedly refused on his behalf.

And Republican Robert Foster is 100% correct to have this rule.

“We just wanted to keep things professional,” said GOP hopeful Robert Foster in a radio interview on Tuesday. We’ve already seen how the #MeToo Democrats become unhinged during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

Despite any lack of evidence, the delusional Democrat handmaids will start screaming “RAPE,” or “RAPIST.”

It was hysterical to see the hand wringing going on, when reports broke that Vice-President Mike Pence refused to be interviewed or take meetings, when only a woman is present.

Of course, the Democrats had a meme fest with that one, but just weeks later the #MeToo craziness exploded, and VP Pence’s rule now looked brilliant.

“In two phone calls this week, Colton Robison, Foster’s campaign director, said a male colleague would need to accompany [Campbell] on an upcoming 15-hour campaign trip because they believed the optics of the candidate with a woman, even a working reporter, could be used in a smear campaign to insinuate an extramarital affair,” Campbell wrote in a column Tuesday.

“The only reason you think that people will think I’m having a (improper) relationship with your candidate is because I am a woman,” she reportedly told Robinson, to which he said: “Can’t risk it.”

“Perception is everything,” Robison added, according to Campbell. “We are so close to the primary. If (trackers) were to get a picture and they put a mailer out, we wouldn’t have time to dispute it. And that’s why we have to be careful.”

Foster, a first-term state lawmaker, corroborated Campbell’s claims in a tweet late Tuesday — saying he was only trying to be respectful towards his wife.

“Before our decision to run, my wife and I made a commitment to follow the ‘Billy Graham Rule,’ which is to avoid any situation that may evoke suspicion or compromise of our marriage,” Foster said. “I am sorry Ms. Campbell doesn’t share these views, but my decision was out of respect of my wife.”

The Mike Pence Rule

Vice President Mike Pence used similar reasoning back in 2002 when he reportedly told The Hill that he refuses to eat alone with any woman other than his wife.

Of course, the #meToo movement and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing proved Pence was right.

Robert Foster was receiving backlash Wednesday in response to his decision, and issued multiple statements in response.

“In our case, it was a female reporter asking to ride along, and my campaign director is in and out and gone sometimes,” Foster explained in his radio interview Wednesday. “It’s just going to be a lot of opportunities for an awkward situation I didn’t want to put myself in.”

The gubernatorial candidate added, “There’s only one person that comes to mind more than anyone and that’s my wife. I’ve always had the same practice in business. I’m not alone with a female employee and put myself in a situation to have a ‘he said, she said moment.’”

“As I anticipated, the liberal left lost their minds over the fact I choose not to be alone with another woman,” he tweeted. “They can’t believe, that even in 2019, someone still values their relationship with their wife and upholds their Christian Faith.”

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Hours later, he added: “I will not be intimidated into a corner of silence by a group of radical Socialists and Communists whose goal in life is to dismantle America. In fact, I’m looking forward to fighting their radical, left-wing agenda.”

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