Bernie Sanders is a Clown
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Bernie Sanders said ‘We have chosen NOT to tell you how I’ll pay For My ‘Free NOT Free’ Healthcare plan because it will engender enormous debate.’

I wonder when Bernie Sanders believes it’ll be the right time for him to explain how much the American people will be paying for his Free NOT Free Healthcare for all? And when we are allowed to talk about it?

I am pretty confident in saying “After November 6th, 2020” will be a part of Bernie Sanders response.

During a town hall on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) told the audience his healthcare plan, which would create a single payer, government-run system, would require tax increases for Americans.

Sanders was asked about how he would pay for his Medicare for All plan, which the Mercatus Center found would cost the federal government $32.6 trillion during the first ten years of its implementation.

Incredibly, Bernie Sanders Responded:

“What we have chosen not to do, because it would just engender enormous debate, is to tell you how I’m going to raise every nickel in a $3.5 trillion budget,”

Wait, What!!!

Bernie Sanders won’t tell the American people how he would raise the trillions of dollars needed to fund his expansive healthcare plan because we may talk about it?

I assume it also slipped Bernie’s senile mind when he failed to mention that the $3.5 trillion budget he quoted was for ONE YEAR ONLY!

Bernie Sanders “Details” of His Medicare For All Plan Equates To Selling A Car With The Description: “Painted, Comes With Seats, Windows”

The democratic simpleminded socialist senator from Vermont did give some details to the audience on what taxes he intends to raise to fund his Medicare For All proposal while claiming the proposal will actually cost less for American taxpayers because it will lower healthcare costs.

One area Sanders suggested is he would look to raise taxes on is an increase in payroll taxes paid by employers.

Sanders forgot to mention these costs will be covered by higher prices that consumers will pay for their products.

Sanders additionally added he would fund his government-run healthcare program by

“an increase in income taxes in a progressive way for ordinary people.”

Of course, “progressive way” means the middle class better lube up now, because the tax man is gonna be doing his ‘doctor giving you a prostate exam’ impersonation.

Plus, how in the hell does Bernie classify “ordinary people”?

2020 Democrats: No Need To Read The Details If It Says “Free NOT Free“… Where Do I Sign?

Numerous Democrat presidential candidates including Sens. Cory Booker (D., N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.),  Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), and Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), hearing “Free NOT Free” jumped on board the Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bandwagon… no questions asked.

Of course, when Bernie Sanders drew up his Medicare For All policy proposal, all these 2020 candidates couldn’t wait to cosponsor Bernie’s bill, when he reintroduced it to Congress in April.

Despite the bill immediate putting 10 million Americans out of work by eliminating private health insurance like they were farting cows, Kamala Harris, one of the co-sponsors to Bernie’s “free NOT Free” bill, cried ‘It does not!’

Because like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris knows everything just by reading the headline.

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