AOC Needs To Stop With Her ‘Feelings are Facts’ And Start Using Actual Facts!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ridiculously went after Amazon for not paying their employees a “living Wage”

When in fact Amazon pays their employees the AOC ‘Living Wage’ that she’s always whining about.

It is amazing how consistent AOC and her delusional Democrat cohorts are. If they get something they demand… They immediately cry “NOT ENOUGH” and start demanding even more.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the first-time (hopefully, one and done Congresswoman) whose known more for spewing lies than anything she accomplished in Congress, is once again attacking Jeff Bezos‘ owned Amazon.

In what has become an almost daily occurrence, AOC opened her big-mouth and inserted her foot, but this time, unlike the numerous times she has done it on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez spewed her imbecilic liberal lies in front of a television camera as a guest on ABC News’ “This Week” program.

Since Amazon already pays AOC’s living wage salaries, she now complained about how rich Jeff Bezos and Amazon is, which she judges to be “immoral,” and insisted that Amazon underpays, as she put it, “every single person.”

Now along with her “Living Wage” AOC wants Amazon to split the profits as any good communist socialist company would do.

Of course, it goes without saying AOC would be outraged if Bezos turned around and made the employees pay for the building, and supplies needed to open the factory.

Amazon Fights Back

Unlike many other companies that just roll over and show their bellies after being targeted by the mob spewing liberal lies, Amazon fought back.

According to Amazon, it employs about 647,000 across the United States. In addition to paying a $15 an hour entry salary for their full-time and some part-time employees.

Amazon also gives them health-care coverage and college benefits from day #1.

As Usual AOC Doubled Down On Her Idiocy

After Amazon justifiably fought back calling AOC’s allegations “absurd.”

Rather than apologize and move on, Ocasio-Cortez, as she did last week with her “U.S. is running concentration camps at the Southern Border” foolishness, AOC turned up the volume, taking to, of course, twitter.

After Ocasio-Cortez found a disparaging Amazon story based upon a report from an ultra-left wing group, she doubled down her Amazon deceit.

The study AOC used to attack Amazon was performed by Policy Matters Ohio who is a leftist policy organization that’s funded by some of George Soros’ satellite organizations as well as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) (Labor Union). Executive Director is Amy Hanauer is also is a contributing writer at Huffington Post.

Ocasio-Cortez cut and pasted the article headline that “1 in 10 of Amazon’s Ohio employees were on food stamps after the company opened fulfillment centers in the state.”

Ironically, “1 in 10” are about the same odds that AOC actually read the article past the Sub-headline.

Amazon answered that left-wing article by responding:

“Amazon full-time hourly employees in Ohio earn between $14.50 and $15 an hour as a starting wage with regular pay increases, plus Amazon stock and performance based bonuses. We also provide comprehensive benefits which include health, vision, and dental insurance coverage starting on day one, generous maternity and family leave, tuition for career education, and a network of support to succeed.”

AOC Cost NYC 25,000 Quality Jobs

This isn’t the first time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look like an uneducated, mentally challenged clown by going after Amazon.

Earlier this year after Amazon and New York City announced the details about the fulfillment company opening up their new HQ2 in Queens, AOC went on the attack.

AOC’s 14th district parts of which are located in both Queens and the Bronx threw a kanipshin about the supposed ‘sweetheart deal’ NYC gave Amazon.

The deal, in essence, was Amazon in exchange for hiring 25,000 employees, with an annual salary of over $125,000 plus medical benefits, the company would receive $3 billion dollars in tax breaks.

AOC had a twitter meltdown claiming that the $3 billion could be used for repairing local schools and NYC crumbling subway system.

AOC mind-numbingly believed the $3 billion in tax breaks was actually real money, and after her not knowing how the unemployment rate is calculated, it just confirmed that she had been given, not earned that supposed Business degree she was handed from Boston University.

After Amazon announced they had pulled out of the deal with NYC.

They specifically cited the reason for doing so was the constant rhetoric and lies being spewed by the simpleminded socialist congresswoman.

AOC took to Twitter to celebrate the power of her social media account, and she was immediately lambasted for celebrating her costing her constituents a chance to secure one of those 25,000 jobs.

AOC Backtracks After getting Slammed

When AOC started hearing the negative backlash from angry constituents and then hearing herself being called “An Economic Moron” by MSNBC’s lefty apologist “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough and his rabid mutt Donny Deutsch-bag.

AOC knew things are bad.

Suddenly Alexandria Ocasio Cortez claimed she had nothing to do with Amazon pulling out.

After hearing all the negativity being thrown her way, AOC played the innocent card by claiming “What? Little old me? How could I have ruin this deal?”

Her backpedaling didn’t go unnoticed by some in the media:

The New York Post’s Jonathon Trugman wrote: 

“The disconcerting thing is the amount of job destruction she [AOC] brings about, as well as the airtime she gets. She helped kill 25,000 high-paying jobs in the city, which needs them, and yet some people treat her like she walks on water. It’s a shame, because 77 percent of New Yorkers wanted the Amazon jobs and $150,000 average pay packages, and the governor made a good deal that would have netted NY and NYC $25 billion in tax revenue over 10 years, despite a modest credit in the beginning.”

Radio talk show host Mark Levin said this about Ocasio-Cortez on BlazeTV:

“The idea that this woman is celebrated and promoted by the media is really appalling. She’s a dunderhead, she doesn’t know a damn thing, she hasn’t done a damn thing. This is like going to a sorority house or a frat house. People are sitting around after about three beers just burping out stupid stuff all the time.”

Now once again AOC is attacking Amazon for some unknown reason using fraudulent information for an ultra-left wing website.

In truth AOC imbecilic attack should not come as any great shock, considering she’s a moron who believes “her feelings” are just as factual as facts?

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