NYPD officers harassed by thug
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A subway rider was caught on video harassing a uniformed NYPD cop in front of amused straphangers 

You can expect a torrent of videos to appear in the coming days as minority thugs out to prove how tough they are will be looking to engage and disrespect the NYPD knowing they won’t be arrested because of de Blasio’s hands-off policy toward what he calls ‘low-level crimes’.

Of course, this will all end in tragedy as sooner, rather than later an NYPD officer will get pushed too far, and then cries of racist police will flood social media after that officer fearing for his life will shoot one of these foulmouth thugs.

As we reported earlier NYC’s corrupt mayor, Bill de Blasio has so neutered the NYPD’s ability to enforce the law, thugs such as the ones shown pouring buckets of water over cops no longer fear being arrested.

Hot on the heels of that video comes this black POS telling two of NYPD’s finest to Suck his D**k proves that these POS know that they won’t be arrested because of de Blasio, and the Democrats “It’s not their fault” policies.

What I just wrote is NOT racist. I simply wrote it because no media outlet will call the thug “black,” for fear of being labeled ‘Racist’ by the Twitter mob.

Is Anyone Surprised?

As soon as de Blasio took office he eliminated the NYPD’s “stop and frisks” policy in the city, because the NYC Buffoon of a Mayor claimed it targeted young black and Latino men.

De Blasio also signed the Criminal Justice Reform Act, which was aimed at the NYPD not being able to enforce low-level offenses.

De Blasio has also backed the Democrats efforts to eliminate the cash bail system, which now takes effect on January 1st, 2020. That law now let’s drug traffickers simply walk right out of the police station after being arrested.

Democrats policies now have these POS looking for a little NYPD Social Media stardom.

The 60-second clip shared Tuesday by the city’s largest police union shows a man who appears to be his late 20s or early 30s daring an officer to “put hands” on him, which would give the young punk “every right to defend himself.”

“Oh, you do?” the cop replied. “You think so?”

“Yeah, so put your hands on me,” the man continued before threatening to assault the cop. “I’ll f–k you up.”

The officer, who could not be immediately identified, appeared to try to quell the situation, briefly shaking his head while telling the man to “do what you gotta do” as his partner stood nearby on the 4-train in the video shot earlier this week.

The bold thug kept publicly berating the NYPD cop.

“Suck my d–k,” the man said before taking a small step toward the officer, whose facial reaction was blocked by his partner’s shoulder.

At least two people can be heard on the clip laughing as the man chided the cop. The officer’s partner at one point referred to the man as “sir” video shows.

“Freedom of speech, I’m not doing nothing,” the man told the second cop.

“I understand,” the second cop continued.

Police union officials said the video was proof positive that the video clips posted online Monday of cops getting soaked with buckets of water in Brooklyn and Manhattan were not isolated incidents.

“NYC POs are confronting this kind of abuse, or worse, on a daily basis,” the union tweeted. “We’re past the point of ‘disrespect’. This behavior is inciting lawlessness, putting cops & NYers in danger.”

NYC’s Anarchy Will Only Get Worse

In a statement released Tuesday, PBA President Patrick Lynch called for “concrete action to address the lawlessness” on city streets.

“The NYPD has issued guidance regarding the offenses for which a police officer could make an arrest in these situations,” Lynch said. “But our district attorneys are almost universally refusing to prosecute these same offenses, and new laws passed this year in Albany will require cops to merely issue a ticket for these and many other crimes.”

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan vowed on Tuesday to arrest those responsible for drenching cops in Harlem and Brownsville.

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