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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seems to have forgotten that SHE called President Trump’s announced humanitarian “National Emergency” a fabrication.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was among the many Democrats who were screaming “Fake National Emergency.”

Of course, she also voted against an emergency funding bill to send aid for people in those holding facilities.

She also supported the walkout by Wayfair workers. Because Liberal Logic said it was wrong to send these immigrant kids beds.

NOW AOC tries to claim that the GOP caused the immigration problem. And for the poor conditions inside these illegal immigrant holding facilities.

Amazingly, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez forgets all about the fact that SHE called President Trump’s announced humanitarian “National Emergency” a fabrication.

The only true fabrication going on is when someone tries to claim AOC has a brain.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Special Olympics Hypocrisy

Since AOC brought up New York.

If you truly want to see the depths of AOC’s hypocrisy, then look no further than the Special Olympics.

Despite the fact that as soon as President Trump heard about the proposal to cut funding to Special Olympics he put the kibosh on that idea immediately.

THEN, this ass hat sends out her “Not on my watch” BS tweet.

AOC’s Silence Is Deafening 

Amazingly, Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) watched as the Democrat-controlled New York State legislators not only cut funding to the Special Olympics.

But in the same bill gave themselves a pay raise from $79,500 to $110,000. They also gave a $70,000 raise for Governor Cuomo whose salary ballooned to $250,000.

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Here is Alexander Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet showing her outrage about NY her cutting Special Olympics funding…

AOC Twitter Tweet

Yes, you read that right…

This is EXACTLY what the hypocrite AOC tweeted… NOTHING!


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