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Are you at the point where you are disgusted with the mainstream media yet? Well, I am.

When the Washington Post lies to the American people and then has to say they made a mistake four times in a couple of days, this has gone too far.

“Washington Post has reported that Trump revealed code-word clearance information to the Russian foreign minister last week. On top of that it is reported that the information comes from non-US sources through our intelligence sharing operations.” – DEBUNKED!

President Trump is allowed to share classified information if he wants to but he didn’t.

McMaster was in the room and denied it as was Tillerson who denied it, as well.

Rosenstein was never planning to quit the FBI and stated so. The Washington Post ran with the story that he was quitting because of the Comey firing.

As reported by the Washington Post, money was requested for the Russian Probes. Comey never asked for more funding for the Russian probes.

NBC, an alphabet news outlet ran with the ‘FAKE NEWS’.

ABC, another alphabet new outlet, ran with unsubstantiated ‘FAKE NEWS’ as well.

CNN, the Communist News Network, also ran with the FAKE NEWS report.

Now even Putin is saying there is a tape of the White House Russian meeting that DEBUNKS the press.

I’m really ready to scream. Journalism has gone down the drain.

There are people who watch their local alphabet news and believe it. They don’t see the DEBUNKING stories.

We wonder about the stupidity of the Democrats? Look at what they see on their televisions.

It’s time to turn off the news. FOX News has given us both sides so if you must watch news, that is the only place that you will not get FAKE NEWS that is not made up.

Sean Hannity is not a journalist. He gives political commentary. Maybe we all need a little more of that.

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  1. Is the news the news when all you have are a bunch of paid clerks running around mimicking each other and no one is out there researching to find out what the real story is? No!

    Who is on the side of the citizens; the Constitution? The Police in Washington DC or the FBI? It appears there is much to be worried about within our police forces in this country and especially in Washington / Virginia (Belt Way) region of the nations capitol.

    Russians are coming? Great movie from a few decades ago, but in the world today, no! The Russians are staying home when it comes to the Circus of the Corporation of the United States we call our Congressional Clowns who represent nothing; not even the truth.

    Are we in trouble in this nation with about half the population so ignorant they believe everything they hear or read coming from the Scnooze Schmedia? You betcha we are!

    How do we correct this problem or how does Donald Trump as our president take care of the criminals who are doing the damage to all of us?

    Call in his generals whom he trusts.
    Organize an arrest party for specific individuals; especially in target organizations of power:
    The CFR
    Congress – all those who belong to the American Socialist Party and those with records showing they have voted against the Constitution.
    Intelligence Managers and Operatives suspected of crimes against this nation and our citizens.
    Of course Corporate Executives and very powerful men/women who show favoritism toward communists and Socialist initiatives. Many of them are probably listed on the rolls of the CFR.

    Break up the monopolies and disallow monopolies to exist ever again on American Soil as it was to be. The little man has no control or power when confronted with the competition of big business.

    Yes, the President must make a clean sweep across all government and corporate power structures who are not favorable to a Constitutional Republic / Republican form of Government (Not Party).

    Lets not forget the US Supreme Court whose job it is not to be liberal or conservative but to be Constitutional-first, last and always. Some of them need to be released now and sent home.

    Insure all those arrested are tried in a National Common Law Court system and do away with the British Crown Laws that have governed this land since they took over and implemented the kings Laws of Corporatism. Those guilty of treason? As Clint Eastwood would say, Hang em High!

    Wake up people, as those who have followed those who murdered our president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy are very adamant about destroying our Constitution completely and taking away all citizen rights; leaving every as a slave to the self-anointed, self-proclaimed Elite.

    Thanks Daveda – now if only the vast majority could watch this video and begin to research so they know and understand truth.

  2. By a sentence or a word misleading the public they believe if they have to apologize it does not matter. Because the media has put that word or sentence out there,and believe it will stick in the minds of the public. The only minds it sticks to are the dumbass liberals who don’t have enough sense to question it. It’s mental manipulation a form of brainwashing.

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