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Being an African-American in today’s society is hard. But want to know what is even harder than that? BEING AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN WHO SUPPORTS TRUMP!! And as an AMERICAN in the country I LOVE, I am FED UP with the crying and lying going on and everyone trying to play the victim and race card (why hello Jussie Smollett and Bubba Wallace)!! NEWS FLASH- the white man is not responsible for your life failures. Stop listening to CNN, Rev Jessie, and Al Sharpton for goodness sake! And I got a few more truths to spill than that…

Just because my skin is black, does NOT mean I have to follow the status quo of others with the same skin color as me. I don’t even refer to myself as black or African-American to be honest because I am just an AMERICAN, period! And as an AMERICAN, I have a brain and can think for myself unlike those who are still stuck on the Democrat plantation. In fact, because I am a black female who supports Trump, I get harassed and even threatened all the time. I dare not step out in my Trump gear or I will be a “coon ass ni**er” who should be hung as I’ve been told countless times. And I am tired of it. I need to know since when is it okay to slander, threaten, and harass someone just because their political views are NOT the same as yours??? And what’s funny is it’s the party of Hillary Clinton- you know, the “PARTY OF TOLERANCE”, who is doing the violence and promoting it! I have come to learn that the Democrat party is the party of Satan. I mean just take a look around and you will see all the destruction, hysteria, and harassment of others. They are definitely not someone you invite in for a cup of tea to talk about things in a mature, adult like way. In fact, I have yet to run across a liberal person with my skin color who can have a civil conversation about politics. And don’t you dare ask them WHY they support Joe Biden or which Democrat they support. Oh no sir you do not ask that question! They will never tell you anything about the person’s policies or what they like. NOPE! The only thing they will say is stuff like- “Because he isn’t Trump” or “He isn’t racist” or “He is for us blacks and Trump ain’t”. Now where in the hell is Joe Biden’s policies in those statements? Please tell me how in the hell electing Joe Biden is good for our country just because you hate President Trump. It makes no sense at all and I am just tired of the ignorance and hatred coming out the left these days! And don’t even get me started on Black Lives Matter. We all know Black lives only matter IF a black person is killed by a white, period! BLM don’t care about Chicago, NYC, abortion, nothing but pushing their twisted ideology amongst the uneducated and gullible, and I am tired of this mess too!

And last thought for my brothers and sisters of color… STOP harassing the white folks!! They ain’t done a thing to you! And they are not out to get you, nor do they owe you anything. Slavery was long ago- plus you do know our own kinfolk sold us to the white man don’t you? Yeah had that not happened I would not even be writing this article as we speak. NONE of us would even be here most likely had slavery NOT happened. So instead of African-Americans, we would still just be AFRICANS. And on that note, I have a challenge for all you USA hating racists blacks out there! How about those of you who hate the USA and feel like all whites are racist, go live in Africa for a year and tell me how you like it? Go do it if you hate this country bad enough. Go see your roots and what you came from. You and I both know you would not last long and would be on the fastest plane back here to the USA before one could blink! So stop living in the past. Also you know good and damn well those statues are NOT hurting you in any way. So you all need to stop with the racist games. I am just as black if not BLACKER than most of you so STOP calling me a racist, coon, uncle tom, etc… just because I have a brain and do research for myself! In fact, whenever you are ready, I will sit down with you- as will the rest of my black brothers and sisters, and we can have a real, civil, mature adult conversation on politics. That is how we move forward and make real progress in this country. But until you are ready for that day, STOP THE MADNESS AND INSANITY!!! 99.9999% of people are NOT racist and history is just that- HISTORY! Stop being so damn offended by everything and stop causing so much drama in all things just because you don’t agree. However it is ironic that the ones you call racist are the ones who actually opened me with arms wide open and treat me like family- you know those racist Trump supporters as you say…

And to end, I want to speak up for my white brothers and sisters. You black folks need to stop and think about something. If the minority of the country- the 13% of the population was the white folks and THEY was the ones committing all the violent crimes- such as rape and murder, AND they ran the deadly streets of Chicago, would you NOT be a little guarded when it came to whites being near?? If one approached you with some straight up bs over being “bumped into” would you NOT pull a gun if you felt an immediate threat?? Yep, You know like hell you would be spooked of random white folks and you would always be aware of your surroundings- just like how white folks live each day! And us black folks too because we got black brothers and sisters killing us every day. And if they will kill their own kind, then they sure as hell would kill anyone! So please stop the insanity of saying folks is racist because that is simply not true at all. See in this beautiful country we have many freedoms! And the right to bear arms and protect yourself is at the top of the list. But our number one freedom is what all you just read- my freedom of speech. And boy is it a beautiful thing! Well…. Unless you’re a supporter of President Trump that is….

Written By: Catina White

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