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If Kamala Harris cries over Mike Pence Mansplaining things to her during the VP debate, what will she do when Kim Jong Un tells her to get back in the kitchen?
The left attempted to distract from Kamala Harris’ weak showing during her one-and-done Vice Presidential debate against Mike Pence by claiming the Vice-President is a misogynist mansplaining neanderthal.
Of course, the Democrats crying foul because Mike Pence kept interrupting a woman, flies in the face of the Democrats screeching about ‘Equality’ and how a woman should be looked upon as any man would.
Does Kamala Harris know that God forbid Joe Biden wins in November she’ll be one heartbeat away from becoming the most powerful woman on Earth?
If Kamala Harris wants to be Vice-President she’s going to have to put on her big boy pants on, because whining about Mike Pence interrupting her isn’t Presidential.

Democrats Crying About Mike Pence Mansplaining Need To Explain What Happened To All That ‘Women’s Equality’ BS They’ve Been Spewing?

CNN’s Van Jones said in a post-analysis, giving Pence a new title: “mansplainer-in-chief.”

“She got run over by Pence over and over again. The moderator did nothing about it, but she kept her poise, she kept her composure, and she did great tonight,”

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and I’m sure network news anchors once they received their DNC talking points cried Pence mansplaining was smugly condescending toward Kamala.

Of course, Kamala Harris explaining what “debt” means and what a “bounty” is, somehow wasn’t smugly condescending toward the American people?

Stephanopoulos then tried throwing a softball question to Martha Raddatz claiming “a lot of people (who???) were noticing some mansplaining going on tonight.”

Unfortunatly for Stephanopolous, Raddatz hit it out of the park, but not in the direction Stephanopoulos anticipated when she defended Pence by throwing the left’s “Equality” right back into his smug little face:

“Yes, it’s history-making, yes, you can talk about her history and who she is and she’s a woman of color there, but a man can interrupt another vice presidential candidate.

It is up to that candidate to talk back, to interrupt themselves, or to hold on to that debate in any way they could.”

Other woke liberal commentators, not on television, took to Twitter to express their ‘outrage’ over Mike Pence’s “mansplaining” to poor defensless Kamala Harris.

Disgraced CBS, now MSNBC journalist Dan Rather tweeted.

“I don’t think VP Pence’s mansplaining and over-talking is doing a lot to narrow the gender gap, unless it is also turning off more men as well,”

CNN’s Trump-Hating RINO SE Cupp Whined:

“Pence’s mansplaining, interrupting, condescending and general smarminess is at an 11 tonight. No wonder suburban women have left the Republican Party in droves,”

Emmy and NAACP Image Award-winning Comedian and Celebrity Host, Co-host and Producer on The Real, Author Loni Love threw ‘Women’s Equality’ overboard when she tweeted:

Thankfully, the great Ben Shapiro stepped in to mansplain things to the whiney liberal left:

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