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If the 2020 Democrats wanted to show America their vision of the future then look no further than their proposed H.R.5383 bill, also known as the “New Way Forward Act.”


H. R. 5383, also known as the “New Way Forward Act,” was introduced to the House on Dec 10, 2019 and is the Democrats’ NEW immigration policy designed to “entirely remake” the United States immigration system.

H.R. 5383 will ensure that criminals are able to move to the United States and settle here permanently with absolute immunity, and have no worry of ever being deported. 

To assure these convicted criminal illegal immigrants won’t have to fear deportation the “New Way Forward Act,” will also eliminate the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

I wish I could say that was just right-wing hyperbole, but anyone reading H.R. 5383 would know I’m simply stating the facts.

The Democrats knew the mainstream media would not report on their repugnant “New Way Forward Act,” so they didn’t even bother using typical Washington word salads to hide what their bill truly does.



If the Democrats “New Way Forward Act,” sounds completely insane… It Gets Even Worse.

This “New Way Forward Act,” is intended to protect not just criminals who were caught doing petty crimes.

But it also protects those who are found guilty of much more serious crimes such as robbery, child sexual abuse, and even murder from deportation.

Essentially the Democrats’ “New Way Forward Act,” removes all criminal criteria currently used to deport people.

Discussing the proposed New Way Forward Act during his Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue, Carlson noted that the bill is currently “sponsored by 44 House Democrats, including all four of the Democrats Clueless Caucus “Squad” members.

Despite the insanity in this bill, it has “received almost no publicity,” and for good reason, it would expose the Democrats’ true vision of America to 2020 voters.


Tucker Carlson Exposes the “New Way Forward Act”

The Democrat’s “New Way Forward Act,” would do away with America’s “borders” and “sovereignty”.

You simply can’t miss Fox News host Tucker Carson’s report which details the Democrats reprehensible bill that would transform America into a 3rd world country.

The New Way Forward Act” is sponsored by the whose who or liberal leftist Hate America fanatics.

 Ms. Jayapal, Ms. Ilhan Omar, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Ayanna PressleyMs. Rashida Tlaib, Ms. BassMr. GrijalvaMs. VelázquezMs. Haaland,  Ms. Escobar, , Ms. Garcia of TexasMr. Espaillat,  Ms. Judy Chu of CaliforniaMr. Danny K. Davis of IllinoisMs. Lee of CaliforniaMr. RushMr. BlumenauerMr. TakanoMs. BarragánMr. McGovernMs. MengMrs. NapolitanoMs. SchakowskyMs. Wilson of FloridaMr. SerranoMs. Clarke of New YorkMs. NortonMrs. Watson ColemanMr. VargasMr. CárdenasMr. Brown of MarylandMr. Johnson of GeorgiaMr. Correa, and Mr. Meeks)

Well, if this passes at least Ilhan Omar won’t have to worry about the FBI Reviewing Claims Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

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