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After dominating in South Carolina and having the DNC not only dispatch his rivals but bribe them into endorsing him as well, Joe Biden is in a position to make Super Tuesday…SUPER!


Heading into the most important primary day for the Democrats, Joe Biden has positioned himself as their “moderate” Democrat heading into the 14 Super Tuesday primaries.

That is, of course, if you can call any of the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates “moderate.”

But for Super Tuesday Democratic voters, Joe Biden is undoubtedly the clear alternative to socialist Bernie Sanders, whose campaigning on fundamentally changing the way American’s live.


Joe Biden Gaffing His Way Into Super Tuesday

After his big win on Saturday, Clueless Joe told supporters on Monday, “I am very much alive”.

Just in case they needed reminding after the often befuddled Democrat butchered the reading of the second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence.

On Monday, Joe Biden wanted to make sure to remind his supporters about getting out there and voting for Ole’ Clueless on Super THURSDAY:

Despite Joe Biden being the Human Gaffe Machine, on the morning of Super Tuesday, Joe Biden is riding high off a decisive win in South Carolina, a surge in high-profile endorsements and fundraising.

The other two rivals to Biden and Sanders are in need of butter because they’re toast.

After two disastrous debates for Mike Bloomberg, he’s now looking more like an afterthought than a contender.

Elizabeth Warren won’t even win the primary in her home state of Massachusetts, so enough about her never-ending pack of lies 2020 campaign.

When Biden entered the 2020 presidential race last April he was seen not just as the front-runner in a field of strong candidates, but the almost inevitable nominee.

But after the former vice president finished fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire. His support in national polls bottomed out in the mid-teens.

There was even talk that if Biden didn’t pull off a huge victory in South Carolina his financial backers would pull their donations, and look to try again in 2024.

But after his Saturday South Carolina win everything has been going Joe Biden’s way:

  • On Saturday, Billionaire Tom Steyer, who finished third in South Carolina, dropped out of the race.
  • On Sunday, Pete Buttigieg, who finished fourth in South Carolina, packed his bags and went home.
  • And on Monday, news broke that Amy Klobuchar was not only dropping out of the presidential race, but will endorse Joe Biden, and start campaigning for him on Tuesday.

Donald J. Trump Laughing His Way Into The 2020 Election

The Democrat party knows that their slim-to-none chance at defeating Donald Trump in 2020 rests with Joe Biden.

This is evidenced by the DNC giving their marching orders to their mainstream media cohorts to destroy Comrade Bernie at all costs.

But we know one person who absolutely doesn’t care if Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders with the Democratic Presidential nomination, that’s Donald J. Trump.

Between Joe Biden’s gaffes, and Bernie Sanders looking to fundamentally change America, Donald J. Trump only needs to do one thing to assure himself a landslide victory in 2020.

That, of course, is to let sit back and let these two delusional Democrats talk to the American people as much as they want.

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