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After Bernie Sanders pulled out victorious in the New Hampshire primary and squeezing out a second place finish in Iowa — though many supporters maintain he won he’s become the Democrats 2020 frontrunner.


Bernie Sanders is looking like the real frontrunner in the race for the 2020 presidential nomination from the Democrat Party.

New polls out of Nevada and Texas have only cemented that fact. Sanders topped a Nevada poll conducted earlier this week by WPA Intelligence for Las Vegas Review Journal and AARP Nevada, with 25 percent of likely Democrat voters saying they will support the Vermont senator in the caucuses on February 22. That gives him a clear lead over more mainstream candidates like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, who earned 18 and 13 percent in the poll, respectively.

A poll out of Texas, which will have its primary on Super Tuesday, March 3, from The University of Texas and Texas Tribune also has Sanders in the lead with 24 percent support, well ahead of Biden, Warren and others who topped him in the same poll in October when the senator earned only 12 percent support.

Just as Sanders has earned glowing results in polls in the wake of his surprisingly strong performances, mainstream Dems have upped their attacks on the far-left candidate.

Las Vegas Weekly came out in support of Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden this week, but made sure to also slam Sanders, saying that him earning the nomination would guarantee a “Trump second term.” They even labeled Sanders a “left-wing version of Trump” for his promise to use executive orders and his inability to “build consensus.”

It was unexpectedly harsh language, but not surprising considering Sanders’ threat to the mainstream. Democrat James Carville, a longtime political commentator and campaign strategist for Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, snapped back at Sanders this week calling the senator a “communist,”  a slam one would typically expect to hear from the right, in a statement to the press.

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