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After Steve Bannon and Dr. Sebastian Gorka resigned from their White House positions just a few months after each other, there are a lot “lukewarm” Trump supporters who claim that the Trump presidency is “now over”.

However, I want to reply to that claim.

Here are my thoughts on both Bannon and Gorka resigning, we are still going to Make America Great Again, getting Trump elected was just one-half of the #MAGA platform, the second half is that we need to make the media great again. I believe that is what Bannon and Gorka are planning to do to help the #MAGA platform is to revive the media and make it great again and fairer again. By doing that they will be stripping the fakestream media from their power grasp they have and by having and fair and balance media again that will strip the power away from the fakestream media’s grasp.


Bannon and Gorka realize that the fakestream media are never going to treat the Trump administration fairly and that is why they’re both saying that the best way they can help Trump’s #MAGA platform succeed is to be on the outside, which I believe will be somewhere in the alternative media.

Remember Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart before becoming the Chief Strategist to President Trump.

Let me state this I was disappointed to learn that both Bannon and Gorka resigned. However, I didn’t believe it at first because as you can imagine the media has made up countless of fake stories about the Trump administration beginning with the Russia conspiracy.

I believe these resignations will be good for both the Trump administration and the #MAGA platform even though they won’t be in the White House anymore, they’ll have a bigger grab on reality and what’s actually going in the White House from their time in the White House. They can use their “inside” knowledge on the outside by countering the fakestream with their platforms.

Sometimes the best way to help the administration is always going to be on the outside meaning doing some type of media or in some type of local or state government or maybe even in congress.

This article from Zero Hedge proves my point they wrote an article title “Bannon: At The White House, I Had Influence. At Breitbart, I Have Power”.

Here are free excerpts from the article

Unsurprisingly, Bannon’s attacks centered – as they often do – around the Congressional Republican leadership, specifically, Mitch McConnell. In the interview, Bannon promised to “light up” the Kentucky Republican, whom he blamed for obstructing the president’s agenda. Bannon’s remarks follows a report in the New York Times, published earlier this week, alleging that the relationship between Trump and the senate majority leader has “disintegrated” to the point where the two are no longer speaking to each other.
Bannon has continued to play up the view, espoused by many of his allies, that he will be a much more effective foot soldier for the president’s agenda at Breitbart than in the White House. “In the White House I had influence, at Breitbart, I had power,” Bannon reportedly said several times during the interview.

A few months back I remember reading articles that state that major conservative figures that had been on Fox are going to launch a new conservative network.

Mediaite (who is not conservative leaning publication) published an article on April 28 entitled “EXCLUSIVE: Advance Talks Underway For Conservative Network Amid Fox News Moving Too Far Left”

On the heels of major shakeups at the Fox News Network, an alternative conservative network is being actively discussed amongst conservative fat cats.

A well-placed source close to the proposal tells Mediaite that serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Network is moving too far to the left. The source, who is engaged in the talks says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network.

Mediaite goes on to write

The potential aim? Putting “the old band” back together. There are certainly plenty of (out-of-work?) conservative powerhouses to pick from that could start on a new network, and perhaps even some executives from within Fox News who might be lured by the new opportunity. Could the new channel include stars like the ousted Bill O’Reilly, who didn’t waste much time hitting the podcast waves after he was fired amid a sexual harassment scandal? Could Tomi Lahren, the conservative mega star, who was recently sidelined at The Blaze also take on a prominent role? The exact “who” won’t be clear until the deal is more defined but the source says the pitch is that the network could immediately reach at least 85 million homes.

While TheBlaze has controversy due to Glen Beck’s views on Trump, his platform is still “conservative” at most. The Blaze also wrote an article on this matter entitled Top conservatives reportedly plotting new TV network to challenge Fox News

Media industry website Mediaite reported that “conservative fat cats” are considering the formation of a new conservative media outlet.

According to Mediaite’s report, the pace of the “serious discussions” has been picking up in the wake of rumors suggesting additional changes are in store at Fox News. A source reportedly told Mediaite that “two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network” are meeting Friday to discuss creating a rival to Fox News.

The group is concerned that Fox News is moving too far left and that an alternative to the conservative media powerhouse would be well received by audiences angry with the television network’s new direction.

The group is concerned that Fox News is moving too far left and that an alternative to the conservative media powerhouse would be well received by audiences angry with the television network’s new direction.

Now back to the main point of this article which is the resignation of both Bannon and Gorka, regardless of how you view these resignations, think of it this way.

Ask yourself these questions, has the media ever been fair to the Trump administration? Will they ever be fair to Trump’s administration?

Obviously, you already know this answer which is a resounding no. The media has never been fair to the Trump administration from the beginning and will never treat them fair or report accurately because he proved them wrong they were so sure that he was going to lose and they can’t accept the fact they were wrong. They can’t accept he is President now. That is the attitude of the establishments on both sides of the aisle the both GOP(e) and the DNC.

Both Bannon and Gorka realize that they can better help the #MAGA platform succeed from the outside.

So to anyone who says or thinks that the Trump Presidency is “now over”, I’m going to say no it’s NOT, its just getting started. Trump will be the greatest we’ve had in a long time second only to Reagan who was the icon of conservatism and Reagan himself had to deal with the fakestream back in his date, I admit probably not as to the point that Trump has to. Trump’s got one major advantage that Reagan never had social media which means Trump can bypass the fakestream media, while Reagan had to rely on the fakestream media or talk radio to get is a message to the American people while Trump can simply use social media to talk directly to the American people bypassing the media altogether.

We need to stand strong, and we need to show the media our support for Trump is becoming stronger and is not “dwindling” at all. Just because there are a few restaffing or resignations doesn’t mean the administration is over.

Another aspect of this whole situation is Trump does want to get out us of Afghanistan, but he’s not going to recklessly leave like Obama would, he wants to finish the job first probably and defeat the terrorist like we defeated the Nazis in back in the 1930s and 1940s, as well as we are dealing with lunatics in North Korea who threatening to “blow up Guam” however Trump’s threat to retaliate de-escalated the threat some bit, but we are still wary of them.

Remember President Reagan’s motto Peace Through Strength? This is also one of Trump’s other slogans. Last year I predicted that by the end of 2017 that the #peacethroughstrenght will be one of the top hashtags of the 2017 year. And it’s looking like that predictions might actually be coming true.

In this time and age, we need a President who advocates for peace through strength just like Reagan did back in the 80s and with Trump we again have a President who is advocating peace through strength exactly the same way Reagan did. “Showing off” our strength is the best way to deter our enemies from attack either us or allies. We are the world’s superpower and its time we “showed it off”. It’s time to start leading and not “leading from the behind” like we did with Obama.

It’s time we take our country back from the liberal progressives, the media, the Hollywood types and all of the establishment who have been just going along to get along. We elected Trump because he’s an outsider that will be able to disrupt the establishment and either hopefully wake them up or energize more conservatives to challenge the establishment types in the upcoming elections next year.

One last thing just because two key figures Bannon and Gorka resigned it’s not going to deter the Trump administration, they can actually help the #MAGA platform succeed from the outside.

This is all coming from a conservative who lives in California.

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  1. I think you’re exactly right about Bannon. As far as Gorka, I didn’t know about him, but I think you’re right and will keep my eyes peeled to see future events.

    • They’re both saying the same the thing that the best way for them to help Trump is to be on the outside. I heard on Fox that he wrote Goka article in the Federalist but could find that article, which i wanted to link in this article.

      But i do remember that few months back after Fox’s ousting of O’Reilly that a several major conservatives are looking into start a new network. I’m going to be looking into that more.

      Though that’ll probably be sometime in Trump’s second term (2020-2024)

  2. I didn’t know what they were going to do but I believed they would be working behind the scenes someway. Glad to read this Article because it makes perfect sense. Trump never shows his hand early in the game. Now all we have to do is Wait, Watch, Listen and Continue To Support Our President.

  3. Bryan, I totally agree. We all share the frustration that Pres. Trump must feel on a daily basis. I pray for him every day. He holds the future of our country in his hands. May the Good Lord and the Holy Spirit guide him as he turns the ship of state around. Thanks for your excellent post. Ann de Avila

  4. I like and agree with your article. Being an individual that has spent a lot of time in California, from far north to the south, my heart goes out to conservatives in Cali. While most of conservatives in this country think that the whole state is a mess and should slide into the sea. It would do us well, to remember, that there are still a good number of individuals that are willing to fight the good fight. Hang in there…. MAGA!

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