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Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, in an interview with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly, stated that he’s turned over Hunter Biden’s laptop to Delaware authorities because he felt “uncomfortable” with it in his possession.

Giuliani told Kelly that the documents that were discovered on Hunter Biden’s computer go well beyond his peddling White House access to foreign powers or the alleged kickbacks he and former Vice President Joe Biden received.

“This is a really very, very sensitive one,” Giuliani told “Greg Kelly Reports,” referring to a text conversation he claims took place between Hunter and his father Joe Biden.

“There’s sexual depravity to this that’s disgusting,” Giuliani went on to allege that the text message and photos involve an unnamed 14-year-old girl.

Giuliani said Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained such disturbing content that he asked former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik to accompany him to the Delaware State Police in order to turn over the evidence he had discovered.

Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York told Newsmax:

“We’re very uncomfortable with this. We’re very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected.

If you were to look at the photographs on this hard drive and didn’t report it to the police — well, if you were a law enforcement officer, you’d be guilty of a felony.

If you were just a normal citizen, you’d be a horrible human being. There are numerous pictures here of girls that are being, I mean, they shouldn’t be there. That I can tell you.

If the Delaware State Police don’t do anything about this, it would be really a tragic thing.”

Giuliani, who is currently President Trump’s personal lawyer, called the Hunter Biden laptop revelations “probably the worst scandal I have ever seen, and there’s depravity to it that’s horrendous, which is why I reported to the Delaware police.”

Newsmax stated that they had not reviewed the hard drive, laptop, or related materials alleged to be Hunter Biden’s, and has made no conclusion as to the authenticity of the evidence or the accuracy of the allegations made.

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Police Confirm Biden’s Laptop Contained Child Pornography

On Tuesday night, Delaware Republican candidate for Senate Lauren Witzke tweeted that a police source said they have confirmed that the laptop contained child pornography.

Why Hasn’t The FBI Arrested Hunter Biden?

According to the FBI, they have admitted that they’ve been in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop since December. While also confirming that the Hunter Biden emails that were shown in the New York Post’s bombshell report were authentic.

And in Delaware, child pornography laws clearly state that it is illegal to produce, distribute, receive, or possess child porn, or any visual depiction of a child engaging in a prohibited sexual act.

So if what Rudy Giuliani alleges is true, and Lauren Witzke’s sources are accurate in that the New Castle County PD confirmed Hunter Biden’s laptop did contain child pornography.

Then the big question is why hasn’t Hunter Biden been arrested yet?

Or at the very least been brought in by the FBI for questioning about the depravity that was found on his laptop?

It’s Hunter’s Computer Get Over It.

Sorry Democrats and your Mainstream Media flunkies, it wasn’t some Russian disinformation scam, since there is little doubt that this was Hunter Biden’s Computer.

Here is a copy of the $85 repair bill from the Delaware Mac Repair shop in which Hunter Biden’s signature is clearly visible on the receipt.

Hunter Biden's signature on Delaware computer repair shop receipt

Here’s proof that the FBI had taken possession of Hunter Bidens Computer in December 2019.

A copy of the US District Court subpoena issued on December 9th, 2019 that was served to John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the Macintosh computer repair shop where Hunter Biden dropped off his damaged computer to.

Subpoena for Hunter Biden's Laptop issued to The Mac Shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac on December 9, 2019
Subpoena for Hunter Biden’s Laptop issued to The Mac Shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac on December 9, 2019


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