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Dear America….
So we can have no problem with people who are gay because as Jesus taught- you love everyone and judge no one…. BUT if we say we personally believe marriage is between a man and a woman, we’re “homophobic, hateful people”!

We can have no problem with people who are Pro Choice because it’s the law in America and we respect that… BUT if we say we are personally Pro Life, we’re “bible thumping, ignorant hateful people”!

We can say we respect people peacefully protesting for black lives… BUT if we say we don’t agree with the riots or say all lives matter, we’re “racist, ignorant horrible people”!

We’re told that “the people protesting for the right to work are disgusting horrible people, who are only going to spread Covid -19 and kill people, and anyone who agrees with them is a disgusting horrible person too”…. BUT we’re also told “The people protesting for George Floyd are heroes and if you don’t agree with them you’re a horrible, disgusting person too!” even though we are simply disapproving of the riots.

A white cop kills a black man and thousands flood the streets of many major cities screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER! Yet they burn businesses that EMPLOYED BLACK LIVES, kill a retired cop THAT WAS A BLACK LIFE, kill 33 other people- who were MOSTLY BLACK LIVES, then not to mention the hundreds of BLACK LIVES killed each year BY OTHER BLACK LIVES, and ABORTION, and not one freaking peep from BLACK LIVES MATTER.

The world (Especially America) has gone completely bonkers. The number one reason I believe we are in(at least the beginning stages) of biblical end times. Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

The reason us Trump supporters are called “The Silent Majority” is because although we respect your views/opinions, if we even try to express ours we’re verbally beaten to a pulp. It’s literally the equivalent of Nazi Germany and at some point it has to stop.

Yes, you will find some Trump supporters who do the same thing, but the math isn’t even a grain of wheat in a wheat silo. The majority of people on the left who are literally acting like Nazis is both mind blowing and heartbreaking.
If you don’t agree with them-no matter how personally they know you, they unfriend you on Facebook and stop talking to you, PERIOD!

SPOILER ALERT: YOU are the division in this country! Not Trump, not Trump supporters, not Fox news… YOU!

Now I personally think this will only get worse until the 7 year tribulation like the bible says in Matthew 24:8 “All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.”, but maybe for your own sake you should pause, take a breath and remind yourself that this is America and freedom means we should not only respect everyone’s views/opinions, but we should absolutely love them because they have views/opinions.

BOTTOM LINE: We’re not telling you that you have to think like us…. We’re not upset that you have different views, quite the opposite actually!
Only once I unfriended/blocked a person because he was sending some scary, threatening messages. And a month later he was in jail for doing a violent crime. Talk about unstable leftist nutcase! However, I HAVE NEVER EVEN GOT UPSET OR BEEN OFFENDED BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD A DIFFERENT VIEW (even when they called me terrible names) because I love America and the fact we have the freedom to express our views is beautiful!
But I promise you that if everyone, who gets upset because people think differently, simply turned around and respected those people for having and expressing their views, this country would heal overnight!

Just a little something to think about.. God bless the USA!
Written By: Jon Doty

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