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Each week the dips into its mailbag to get a feel for what their audience is thinking, and this week readers spoke out about the misery and filth San Franciscans are living in.

Thanks, Nancy Pelosi You Old Stuttering Alcoholic!


Nearly two weeks ago the Daily Signal’s Editor-In-Chief Katrina Trinko wrote a wonderful article titled: “Tents, Homelessness, and Misery: 9 Things I Saw in San Francisco” and San Franciscans responded.


Here’s an excerpt:

SAN FRANCISCO—Call me a poop skeptic.

After years of reading about the alleged horrors of San Francisco, I decided I wanted to see for myself if the City by the Bay was really in such dire conditions.

I’d grown up 30 miles south of San Francisco, occasionally popping in for field trips or shopping or sightseeing. Sure, the city had always had homeless people, but the conditions I read about—needles everywhere, “poop maps” documenting the location of human feces—seemed absurd. 

How bad could it actually be in one of America’s most famous cities?

Could one of the most famously liberal cities in the nation have disintegrated into disaster?


The Daily Signal’s readers were quick to respond to Katrina Trinko’s well-written 9-point break-down of San Francisco’s Squalor, Homeless, Poop, Shit, Drugs, Needles .


Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Katrina Trinko’s well-written, objective article about conditions in San Francisco, which is very rare these days (“Tents, Homelessness, and Misery: 9 Things I Saw in San Francisco”). Living on the East Coast my whole life, I knew nothing really about San Francisco before reading this.

My children and I were studying life in urban America and the problem of homelessness when we came across the article. Ideas have consequences, and bad ones have very bad consequences.

When we see the fruit of some of our beliefs we would do well to reconsider the root rather than trying to hose off the sidewalks.—Heather Peterson

Good to read an honest view of San Francisco. I was last there two years ago. Stayed at a cheap hotel in the Marina.

The only part of the city that was awful was the Tenderloin. The rest was pretty clean and in places beautiful. Some homeless, as you will find in all major cities.

Not sure why the right wing wants to paint San Francisco as far worse than it is—just to condemn some policies they don’t agree with, I guess.

If you really think SF is awful, you probably haven’t been there—and are probably afraid of big cities in general, country mouse.—Todd Carlson

Katrina Trinko’s article on the homeless in San Francisco was an excellent description of exactly what exists in that city and other parts of the Bay Area.

For the past two years, I have been trying to get the attention of leadership in Oakland and San Francisco to look at the causes of homelessness and a number of creative and workable solutions to address the problem.

After reading this article it occurred to me that The Daily Signal may have an interest in doing a follow-up article addressing the causes and solutions. I have put together material and would be happy to offer it.— The Rev. Samuel H. Shafer, California

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