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Cruz to Reality

By- Lorraine McQueene


Does anybody know where I can find a Cruz to Reality translator? We’ve got English to Spanish and Spanish to English, but if America has to put up with Cruz until the Convention is over, we’re going to need a Cruz to Reality translator, since what Ted says and what is real, are two very different things!

After another night of Ted Cruz making a victory speech after losing again, it’s obvious that the Senator has no concept of reality, outside of his own small world with his wife and family. He has his lying expression and vocal tone down pat, and continues to make it beyond obvious, how truly stupid he thinks the America people are!

I had no idea how little so many people in America know about what’s going on today, whether in their own town, City, State, Country or the world, until I started reading social media posts and talking politics to people. In many instances, I’ve found that it’s more malaise than lack of intellect. If it doesn’t impact their daily life, they don’t care, even about something as important as our next President!

This is why Donald Trump repeats his message about making America great again, something that will impact the daily lives of everyone who has suffered under Obama! A quick sound bite gets his message across to people flipping through the channels, on their way to “the Kardashians” or “Dancing with the Stars.”

Kasich keeps telling the story about taking a widow out to dinner, so she can get her hair done a week early and put on a dress she hasn’t worn in decades. O-KAY….and the relevance of this to undoing the damage done to this nation by Obama is?? The direct impact on the daily lives of Americans is????

And then there’s Ted, with his bias against baseball caps. His patronizing, parroted message to the American people, is that it’s “easy to talk about making America great again,” adding; “you can even put that on a baseball cap, but it’s harder to understand what is truly needed.” Exactly! The very reason WHY so many more Americans support Trump instead of Cruz, IS because Trump understands how to make America great again! HE gets it! Thanks for driving that point home, Tedster! Give that man a baseball cap!


Now for some much needed translations:

TED: Trump is “wrong” for wanting to stay neutral in negotiations between Israel and the Arab nations, he is unable to tell an ally from and enemy and he’s “anti-Israel.”

REALITY: Trump clearly knows more than Cruz does, about the Camp David peace accord negotiated by President Carter between Israel and Egypt. Trump understands that the only way Carter ultimately brokered peace between the two nations, was to transition from neutral mediator to direct participant in the negotiations. Had Carter gone in saying “Egypt, you’re wrong and Israel, you’re right”, the negotiations may not have gone thirteen minutes, let alone thirteen days. Trump knows that it is imperative for successful negotiations between two opposing parties, to provide a neutral ground upon which common ground can be found. Any implication that an attempted peace negotiation by Trump as President of the United States between Israelis and Arabs would demean our alliance with Israel is ludicrous. Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish. NO greater ally would Israel have in the White House than TRUMP.


TED: Donald Trump said he would compromise with Schumer and Reid to appoint Liberal Supreme Court Justices.

REALITY: Trump actually said that he would report two ultra-Conservative judges who best represent conservative values: William “Bill” Pryor Jr. and Diane Sykes.


TED: Donald Trump supports Planned Parenthood and is pro-choice.

REALITY: Trump has repeatedly said he is staunchly pro-life and has been for a long time, and like Ronald Reagan, has evolved on this issue. He has made it quite clear that he would defund all abortion services performed at Planned Parenthood locations, but not women’s health services like cancer screening, STD screening and well woman care services, which have saved the lives of countless low income women in need of care.


TED: Donald Trump is in favor of Obamacare.

REALITY: Donald Trump has said over and over that Obamacare is a “disaster of a system” that he would repeal and replace. He’s said this so many times, that anyone who believes Cruz on this point doesn’t care about the truth.


TED: Donald Trump will take away your second amendment rights.

REALITY: Ridiculous. Once again, Trump has repeatedly stated that he is a strong proponent of the right to bear arms, and that he and his older sons are members of the NRA.


TED: Donald Trump is responsible for the protests against his campaign and incites riots like the one in Chicago.

REALITY: Cruz is a lowlife opportunist so egocentrically focused on becoming President, he forgot all about being “Mr. Constitutional Conservative”. Rather than immediately jump to Mr. Trump’s defense, vocally speaking out for his right to free speech, “Mr. Constitution” showed everyone in America the snake that he is. This was no spontaneous protest. It was planned in advance by radical groups like “Occupy”, Move On, and Black Lives Matter, who would have directed their attention to the Cruz rallies if he was the Republican frontrunner instead of Trump!

Trump didn’t incite the Chicago protest. This was a call to arms by people like the woman-beating, R&B singer Chris Brown, a foremost authority on unprovoked violence. This jackass took to Instagram, to rally his violent compatriots together for a two-fer in Chi-town: Interfere with Trump’s planned rally while continuing to cause trouble for the police. “F— Trump and f— the pigs,” Brown wrote. “What you need to start doing — all these black people, go together 40, 50 deep. See what they do then.”

We saw it Chris, we saw it. Mr. Trump called off the rally and the following Tuesday, he WON the Illinois primary.


TED: Cruz said his campaign is “surging” and had a “good chance” to win again next week in North Carolina.

REALITY: Cruz’s campaign isn’t “surging,” it’s “stalling,” and he LOST in North Carolina.


TED: Cruz called on those who backed past GOP candidate Ben Carson, who, like Cruz, is popular with conservatives and evangelicals, to join his team.

REALITY: Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump and the conservatives and evangelicals who were backing Dr. Carson, joined the Trump team.


TED: Ted says that he’s the “only one who can beat Donald Trump, because he has beaten Donald Trump.” Ted says that he’s the “only one who can beat Hillary Clinton.” Ted said that Republicans are “unifying” and “coalescing” behind his campaign.

REALITY: On “Super Duper Tuesday,” Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz. Beat him badly. Cruz can’t beat Trump because he isn’t beating him. A victory here and there in uber-Evangelical areas of the Country does not a nominee make. Cruz can’t beat Hillary Clinton because he’s too rigid, and his Evangelical overkill is too off-putting, especially to the genuine Evangelical Christians who see right through Cruz’s façade. I don’t know where he thinks these Republicans are who are “unifying” behind him, but they aren’t in New Jersey or New York. Republicans around here ARE unified, Ted, unified behind TRUMP!


Ted Cruz REALLY needs a reality check! Can somebody get this guy a Cruz to Reality translator?!


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