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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is on message with healthcare. Cruz is determined to bring about healthcare reform.

He says voters will hold Republican Senators accountable and that they should.

Cruz said that the voters gave Republications the House and then the Senate and finally the Presidency. Now they must deliver.

Senator Cruz makes a point that if Republicans don’t even take up the bill they will look like fools. They have voted to repeal Obamacare when there was not a president in office who would sign the bill. Why would they not vote for it now?

Cruz has an idea and he calls it ‘The Consumer Freedom Act’.

From The Hill:

“Cruz wants to offer an amendment to the amendment that would allow insurers to sell plans that are not compliant with ObamaCare requirements. 

The “Consumer Freedom Amendment” would leave existing ObamaCare plans on the individual market, while also allowing insurers to sell plans that don’t comply with requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

“What that does — it leaves existing plans on the market but it gives new options so that people can purchase far more affordable health insurance. It will enable a lot more people to be able to afford buying health insurance,” Cruz told The Hill on Thursday afternoon. 

Cruz’s amendment would allow insurers to continue offering plans that follow ObamaCare’s “Title One” requirements, including essential health benefits, which mandates 10 services insurers must cover with no cost-sharing. 

But insurers could also sell skimpier, cheaper plans that don’t cover those 10 services or meet other ObamaCare requirements.

“If a health insurer offers a plan consistent with the Title One mandates, insurers can also sell in that same state any other plans that consumers desire,” Cruz said.”

His new amendment looks like it could be the key to passing a bill.

He said President Trump’s message is, “Get it done.”

If the Senate cannot work this out, we may lose the House and Senate in 2018 because of unhappy voters. There is no choice but to get Obamacare repealed, one way or another.

Today is Friday. As always, on Friday, it’s RED FRIDAY. Wear something RED. Remember Everyone Deployed.



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