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Rep. Maxine Waters, who yearly is voted among the most corrupt politicians in Congress, once again made it rain for her daughter Karen Waters in 2020. This time to a tune of $240,000 for supposed work during Waters’ reelection campaign.

According to Maxine Waters’ own 2020 Federal Election Commission filings, the corrupt California congresswoman dished out around $240,000 in campaign donations to her daughter, Karen Waters, for supposed work that included managing Waters sketchy “slate mailers” scam and also purportedly being Pimpin Ain’t Easy’s ‘Get Out the Vote’ (GOTV) services.

Maxine Waters Pimpin aint easy

Waters’ FEC filings show that $212,600 in disbursements to Karen Waters were spread out among 26 entries such as “slate mailer management” fees, “office expenses” and “canvassing” between March 2019 and September 2020.

Another $28,150 in payments to Karen Waters occurred in October and November, for “GOTV” and “slate mailer management” fees — though one for $1,000 was simply labeled “Walker payments.”

TuskerDaily has reported on Maxine Waters ‘Slate Mailer’ scam on multiple occasions. We have reported that Mad Maxine has paid her daughter Karen Waters or her public relations firm Progressive Connections to produce, print and mail slate mailers as far back as 2004.

Since 2004 Maxine Waters’ daughter has reportedly received over $1 million from the campaign.

You can view every payment made to Karen Waters that has been filed with the FEC Here.

Karen Waters Run’s Mad Maxine’s Slate Mailer Extortion Scam

Waters, who has been in Congress for more than three decades extorts other Democrat candidates PAY ‘Pimpin Ain’t Easy’ Waters for her endorsement as a candidate or for a bill they hope to get passed.

Beginning in 2004, Maxine Waters has paid her daughter or her public relations firm Progressive Connections millions of dollars to produce, print, and mail the slate mailers.

To prove just how repugnant politics have become, apparently there is nothing illegal about Maxine Waters slate mailer due to all the gray area in election laws, similar to what we have discovered with ballot-harvesting laws.

But according to a Washington Free Beacon article, because Slate Mailers are such a sleazy political backroom practice it’s no wonder that Maxine Waters is the only person doing it on a Federal level.

By using loopholes in the law Waters is able to campaign donations from other California Democrat candidates including some of the Democrats’ most prominent political figures such as Kamala Harris.

Just to give you an example. During the 2010 election cycle, “Friends of Maxine Waters” which she terminated after 2018, raised a total of $497,000 in campaign donations, for which more than $295,550 came through Waters’ slate mailer scam.

This is why getting on one of Maxine Waters slate mailers doesn’t come cheap. To be featured in her “Citizens for Maxine Waters” slate mailer, candidates pay anywhere between $250 and $45,000.

  • Friends of Barbara Boxer, the campaign committee for Sen. Boxer, D-Calif., paid $5,000 for an endorsement.
  • Gloria Romero, the former Senate Majority Leader running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, forked over $25,000.
  • Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco and at the time a candidate for lieutenant governor paid $45,000.
  • Kamala Harris, at the time a San Francisco district attorney who was running for state attorney general, paid $25,000.
  • Dave Jones, then-candidate for State Insurance Commissioner, wrote Maxine Waters a check for $25,000.

Maxine Waters Funneled Millions To Her Children For Decades

Maxine Waters skirting FEC rules truly shows what a toothless watchdog committee they are.

Way back in 2004, the Los Angeles Times was already reporting that over the course of her first eight years in Congress, relatives to Maxine Waters had already pocketed 1.7 million dollars.

Of the $1.7 million L.A. Vote which was started by Karen Waters collected in the past eight years, nearly $450,000 went to Waters’s daughter, Karen, and her consulting firm, public disclosure reports show. About $115,000 was paid to the congresswoman’s son, Edward.

To get even more info on the ethically challenged Slate Mailer scam and why corrupt politicians like Maxine Waters get away with profiting from them.

Read this series of tweets from LA Councilwoman Nithya Raman.

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