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by Brett Gasper:

There are presently 144 lifetime judicial vacancies at the federal level and all must be approved by the Senate.
Since the precedent of Marbury v Madison 5 U.S. 137 (1803) Federal Justices have the powers of Constitutional Review to change and write laws on the basis of their rulings:
  • Can Marriage be defined as a civil union between a man and a woman? (Untested)
While the House of Representatives is the popular branch, the House was designed to keep Representatives amenable to the people, with elections held every two years, and their numbers are based on the populations of each state (eg. might makes right) the House gives us 438 electors for President.
The Senate is the philosophical branch and less amenable to the whims of the mob – who’s Senators are elected every six years (eg. right makes might) and every state is on equal footing – with two Senators each – giving us 100 electors for President.
It is the philosophical construct of the Senate that grants them the Constitutional power to appoint, life term, members of the judiciary to the Supreme Court, Appellate Courts and Circuit Courts.
Presently, Republicans hold a majority of 52 seats in the Senate and it is EXTREMELY desirable for Democrats to regain those two seats and a majority in the Senate – not only for Judicial – but Executive Cabinet appointments as well… This paints a bullseye huge on Alabama.
Following the Alabama primary elections, to fill the vacant seat of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, between Luther Strange and Judge Roy Moore, several allegations of sexual misconduct have been leveled against Roy Moore to effect Alabama’s largest voting bloc… women. Again, Democratic strategy hinges on identity politics.
We all want to believe a victim – because the alternative is morally reprehensible. However, the timing of these accusations is dubious, at best, and the facts just don’t add up.
Specifically, Leigh Corfmantold the Washington Post that she was 14 years old in 1979. Corfman graduated from Gadsden High School in 1979. How many 14 year old high school graduates do you know? If Corfman was 14 years old, Roy Moore was still in law school.
Beverly Young Nelson has a yearbook signature dated December 22, 1977. The signature writes the date twice and includes the initials of Roy More’s future, 1999, legal assistant, Delver Adams, “D.A.” who included his initials on stamped signatures. Do yearbooks ever come out in December? I guess the track, baseball and basketball teams don’t rate a mention in the yearbook.
While Gadsden Mall worker, Greg Legat, corroborates her accusation, Johnny Adams was the Gadsden Mall Operation Manager, Johnnie V. Sanders and Barnes Boyle worked for Morrison’s Cafeteria Corporation at the mall. While they knew everyone banned from the mall – Roy Moore was NOT one of them.
Deborah Wesson Gibson, a contracted employee of the DNC is one of the women claiming to have had dated Roy Moore for three months when she was 17. In retrospect, she is “glad nothing bad happened,”
There you have it folks: the stakes, the motive, the strategy, and the methods.
All Republicans have is faith in the voters of Alabama that they will see through the ruse and be angry enough to carry that to the voting booth in December.


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  1. As a resident of Alabama I will be voting for judge Moore in a couple of weeks. It is my belief that it is not only the left that is behind these attacks on judge Moore, many of my fellow Alabamians agree with me. Establishment Republicans were willing to lose the white house to Hillary Clinton, I believe they are willing to lose the Senate in their bid to stall Donald Trumps agenda. They, establishment Republicans, do not want non politicians, such as Mr.Tump, being elected and are willing to do anything to stop it.

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