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When it comes to Coronavirus at least one man said to hell with all that “in sickness and in health” talk.


A Lithuanian man worried about catching the coronavirus threw domestic bliss out the window — by locking his wife in the bathroom for fear she might have the deadly illness, according to a report.

The germaphobic hubby took the extreme measure after finding out that his wife had met a Chinese woman who had traveled to hard-hit Italy, according to the UK’s Mirror.

He claimed to have forced her into quarantine in their Vilnius apartment only after “consulting on the phone with doctors” on how to keep COVID-19 at bay, the news outlet reported.

His wife managed to called cops from the bathroom to ask them to come rescue her.

The woman has since taken a test for the virus as a precaution, which has come back negative.

To date, Lithuania has only had one reported case of coronavirus, which was confirmed by the country’s health ministry on Friday.

The Lithuanian government has since said it will deploy troops to airports and borders in an effort to stop it from spreading.

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