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Kathy Crest:

Corey Feldman, a victim of a corrupt and sinister world known only to those who comprise it. A child actor who was subjected to the worst kind of abuse, pedophilia, and forced to hold it inside for years to come, is now making an emotional plea to others who endured the same kind of abuse, to come forward, join forces, and put an end to the horrors that so many of them were forced to endure, and so many more will endure if nothing is done about it.

Feldman now has ammunition on his side that he never maintained before. The recent accusations against Harvey Weinstein, a Hollywood producer,  of sexual abuse and rape by more than 50 women in the field, has renewed his quest to expose what goes on behind closed doors. He knows there are others out there, many of whom worked right along side him. But they are afraid, just as he has been.

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Being a snitch in Hollywood does not get overlooked with just a slap on the wrist. It is a well known fact between stars that you shut up, or you don’t work. You also put out, or you don’t get the big jobs. There are those in control who like women, and those who like young girls. There are also those who like men, and those who like little boys. The difference is, it is illegal to engage in sex with children. Feldman is on a mission to single out the guilty parties.

He mentions in the video that he can name six offenders right off the top of his head, one of whom is still very active in the industry. As of now, only Corey and those involved know who they are, but that may change, as he claims to have a plan to take these predators down.

Since Feldman has began his campaign, he has been arrested for possession of marijuana which stemmed from a traffic violation. He and his band were on their way to perform at a nightclub when their motor home was pulled over for speeding. A search of the vehicle produced the marijuana. He speaks of several of his band members quitting since the incident. What were they threatened with during the arrest? Obviously something scared them.

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Feldman also mentions almost being run down by two vehicles while walking down a sidewalk. It’s called intimidation, and people who are guilty of heinous acts use this form of psychic torture to send a message without actually killing you. But if Corey isn’t careful, that might be their next step. It is one thing for Hollywood moguls to be considered sex offenders, but another to be labeled pedophiles. Corey mentions he needs security, something he can probably no longer afford. He has been blacklisted from Hollywood and no longer has the big paychecks coming in. He also mentions he needs someone to represent¬† him, but finding a top attorney willing to risk his or her life cannot be easy. It is a very dangerous game being played, although it is not child’s play at all.

This isn’t the first time Feldman has spoke out. He has been interviewed on other occasions, once by Barbara Walters, who’s attempt at a shocked appearance was not played out well, and her comment of, “You are going to destroy the industry”, could not have been more reprehensible. In another interview he talks of being “surrounded” by pedophiles, and mentioned his friend Corey Haim, whom he said committed suicide because he couldn’t deal with what he had been through, or the thought of it continuing.

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I only hope Feldman is successful in his attempt to expose these animals. It is way past time. Our country was founded on morals, and it is our duty to expose people who hurt innocent children. I encourage Feldman to set up a GoFundMe page, as I believe there would be millions of Americans who would donate to the cause. I know I would. Let’s get these sexual predators off the streets, and help the victims of their abuse.


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  1. This should be a call to arms for Ashton Kutcher to help Corey in exposing this horror. Ashton has done a miraculpus job with helping to rescue women and children from human trafficing, he would be perfect to help expose this travesty.

    • It is the perfect opportunity for these crimes to be brought out in the open. Not only are they taking place in Hollywood, but there are also pedophiles in the music industry, and sadly enough, in the top tier of our government. A few years ago, NBC did a report on pedophilia within the state department, and said that an investigation was suppose to ensue but Hillary Clinton put a stop to it. She was serving as Secretary of State at the time. A while back when WikiLeaks was releasing all those emails of different people, I came across some from one of our top FBI agents. In one of his email, he spoke about the Clintons being involved in child sex trafficking. I swear this woman will do ANYTHING for money and has no morals whatsoever.

    • The best thing we can do, is expose these people. Talk about it. There are so many of us who do not have a clue this is even happening. I have been writing about it for years, and have been ridiculed for it by so many. The reason the Clintons and so many other corrupt politicians are going down right now, is because people on social media are speaking out about their corruption. Information is their enemy. They have tried to keep us in the dark for so long, but thanks to social media, they are losing their war to take this country down. We, the people, as a whole, are a strong voice, which is why they are trying to divide us. We have to stop the fighting between us, but it’s hard. I know I have lost friends over my writings, but I won’t stop. The country is too important. We use to be able to discuss politics between each other, even if we were on opposite sides. But that isn’t the case anymore, and that is really too bad. They are winning in that respect. But fortunately there are still more conservatives in this country than there are liberals, and as long as we can manage to keep it that way, and keep God involved in our lives, we will prevail. I truly believe the biggest thing we can do is get the word out. The more we expose them for their corruption, the quicker they will give up. If I hear of any ways to donate, I will let you know.

  2. I think you are very brave Corey for doing this. It is very important for this to come out so that these responsible for harming children can be locked up and punished. Keep up the great work! You should be proud of what you are doing.

    • He is very brave. I don’t think any of us could understand the horrors that people like him went through, and it doesn’t just end when the attacks end. The mental anguish must be horrible and it lasts a lifetime. The worst thing is, they can’t talk about it. They can’t file charges. That has to change. If we will continue to write our comments and talk about this to others, eventually it will become such a big deal that the media will no longer be able to ignore it. Right now they are bringing out all the sex scandals and I believe that is only being done to try to take our eyes off the Clinton’s involvement in the Russian scandal. It isn’t like the media to attack one of their own, and usually when they do, they are using that person as a fall guy. We can’t take our eye off the ball, but we have to take advantage of the situation, and by that I mean, since the media is exposing sexual misconduct in Hollywood, let’s take it a step further and help expose the disgusting sexual predators of children.

  3. I support this change. It’s an aweful shame that people in a position to make a difference in a child’s or any persons life would use that opportunity to do evil. I say expose them all, I only wish this had been said many years ago. I can’t imagine the many lives that have been negatively affected by these evil people. People who think they are invensable and protected by money. Send them all to the pits of hell. I stand behind you!

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s interesting that a lot of these people are either Atheists or Satanists. They don’t want to believe in an afterlife that is based on their behavior during this one. I guess if you worship Satan you think you have to honor him by raping and killing innocent children, which to me is about as big a sin as you could commit. I just hope we all get to witness what happens to these sickos when our time comes.

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