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First of all let me state this I am still currently in the process of doing research and writing two other articles entitled “Democrats’ McCarthyism Tactics: Clinton-Ukrainian Collusion During The 2016 Campaign” and “Patreon Censorship Hypocrisy: Deletes Lauren Southern’s Account, While Antifa and “It’s Going Down” Still Have their Patreons Active”.

However I felt like I need to write about this topic stated in the title of this article, recently I have been seeing a lot out of states conservatives constantly bashing California as a “liberal state”. I am tired of people bashing all Californians just because Sacramento is currently run by liberal progressives. First of all we are NOT all liberals here in California in fact if you dug deeper you would actually find that there are still a lot of conservatives in California as well.

Last year in December I wrote an article on my blog entitled “California Comeback In 2018” and in that article as the titled suggest I predicted that we will have a California Comeback In 2018.

Here are a few excerpts from that article:

I know we have just ended a Presidential election, but I want to make something clear about California. Although California is Currently ruled by liberal progressive politicians.


We are not all liberals here in California, case in point Governor Ronald Reagan was not only our greatest president but he was also the greatest Governor Of California.

Us Californians will be choosing our next Governor on November 6, 2018. Although our gubernatorial election day is in 2018 you’ll probably start hearing rumors about possible and potential candidates and official candidate announcements sometime in 2017.

I went on to state that Sacramento and Los Angeles don’t speak for all of us Californians, and said that we are a big state with several regions, I even described each region with their views and their political ideology.

However the main reason why I wrote that article is the same reason as I am writing this article right now was because a lot of people kept bashing California as a “liberal state” while that is understandable since our current “leaders” in Sacramento are liberal progressives.

I went on to state that I believe there will be a California comeback in 2018 thanks to President Donald Trump breaking the politically correct glass, we in California will now have a conservative Republican as Governor in 2019.

I wrote about the huge amounts of crowds that President Donald Trump had in California during the election places like San Jose, Costa Mesa, and San Diego and how they were packed and sold out.

Take for example his rallies in San Jose, Costa Mesa, and San Diego they were all packed and sold out”, I also stated “that yes I know Hillary won California but she won with voter fraud and illegitimate voters either people who were dead or shouldn’t have been able to vote because of their immigration status. If you took those votes away from Hillary you can be sure Trump would have won California.”

Also to prove the point that California is not as liberal as some conservatives like to make it out to be I pointed out that Governor Reagan served 2 terms as governor from January 2, 1967 to January 6, 1976.

I even added a video from one of Reagan’s 1980 Presidential Campaign ads that told the voters in 1980 what Reagan did in California during his 2 terms as Governor here is that video.

The video states:

This is a man whose time has come, a strong leader with a proven record. In 1966 answering the call of his party Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California, next to President the biggest job in the nation.

What the new governor inherited was a state of crisis California was faced with a 194 million dollar deficit and was spending a million dollars more than it was taking in, the state was on the brink on bankruptcy.

Governor Reagan became the greatest tax reformer in the state’s history, when Governor Reagan left office the 194 million dollar deficit had been transformed into a 550 million dollar surplus.

The Sacramento Chronicle said that Governor Reagan has saved the state from bankruptcy.

Let’s take the 1980 numbers and convert them into current value first let’s start with 194 million dollar deficit which now equates to a 610.66 million dollar deficit and now let’s take the 550 million dollar surplus which now equates to to a 1,731.26 billion dollar surplus.

Let’s look at those numbers again below:

When Reagan became governor he inherited a 194 million dollar deficit which would equate to a 610.66 million dollar deficit in today’s value and when he left office he transformed the 194 million dollar deficit (which equates to a 610.66 million dollar deficit in 2017 value) into a 550 million dollar surplus which now equate to a 1,731.26 billion dollar surplus.

Again, Let’s look at the numbers one more time.

In 1966 the California deficit was a 194 million dollars into today’s money that would be a 610.66 million dollar deficit, and when Reagan left office in 1976 California had a 550 million dollar surplus which would now equate to a 1,731.26 billion dollar surplus in current value.

Now let’s look at the California 1966 gubernatorial election (note: in 1966 with some polls the GOP was blue and the Democrats were red)

Reagan won the state with 3,742,913 with 57.6% while Brown Sr. only got 2,749,174 with 42.35%

(1966 Gubernatorial Election results with GOP Reagan in Blue)

(1966 Gubernatorial Election results with  GOP Reagan in red)

Now let’s look at the 1970 gubernatorial election when Governor Reagan ran for reelection. In 1970 it was a three party race with the Republican nominee incumbent Governor Ronald Reagan, the challengers were democratic nominee Jesse “Big Daddy” Unruh and the nominee for the Peace And Freedom Party Ricardo Romo.

Reagan won with 3,439,664 votes with 52.52.84%, Unruh got 2,938,607 votes with 45.14% and Romo only got 131,801 votes with only 2.02%.

(1970 Gubernatorial Election results with GOP Reagan in blue)

(1970 Gubernatorial Election results with GOP Reagan in red)

Now with that out of the way I want to make this very clear to those conservatives who keep bashing California we conservatives in California will never give up on our state, we are not going to wave the white flag of surrender to the liberal progressives when we have a change to take our state back in next year’s elections by electing conservatives into office.

As I have continuously said to people who are discouraged about California’s future I believe thanks to President Donald Trump breaking the politically correct glass there will be a California Comeback in 2018 and that we will again have conservatives running the state.

No offense to all conservatives, but I am sick in tired of some out of state conservatives constantly bashing California, they don’t understand that just because the current administration in Sacramento are liberal progressive democrats that not all of California is liberal,the liberal progressives who currently run the state don’t speak for all of us Californians.

I don’t get why a lot of conservatives keep on telling us to wave the white flag of surrender. I thought they were about taking government back from the liberal progressives, that was the whole reason why we elected Donald Trump as President because we wanted to take the government back and put it in back in the hands of the people, and that is what we are going to do in 2018 by electing conservatives to office we are going to take the state government back from the liberal progressives and put it back in the hands of the people of this great state.

We are going to have a California comeback next year.

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  1. You brought tiers to my eyes!! Thank you for this!!! I’ve been wanting to write words like this publicly for awhile now but afraid to. Not any longer. I’ve lost a lot of my Hollywood friends but I don’t care anymore. I want to help some how to get Republicans back in office. I’m best with my loud mouth. Ha ha ha. You are a great writer keep up the great work!!!

    • Hey Meleney thanks so much for the nice reply. We need to elect conservatives and not just republicans, we need to elect not just any conservatives we need people who support President Trump’s agenda.

      Anyways i appreciate your kind words.

      I believe 2018 will be different thanks to President Trump breaking the politically correct glass we will now have a California Comeback next year.


    • Hey Jim thanks for commenting yes we know the democrats are destroying our state. However i believe 2018 will be different and a change for good thanks to President Donald Trump breaking the politically correct glass.

      As i stated in the article when Reagan became our governor he inherited a state in crisis thanks to then democratic governor Brown Sr. (who is the father of our current governor Brown Jr.) and when Reagan became governor he saved our state from bankrupty.

      I believe next year we are going to have a California comeback thanks to President Donald Trump breaking the politically correct glass.

      Thanks for commenting i really appreciate it.


  2. I hope California does have a come back. If Oregon and Washington could get rid of UN Agenda 21 and the liberal (communist) controllers, the west coast would then look like we all have a future. TERM LIMITS must be passed in every state and representatives must keep their oaths to the Constitution/ to the citizens.

    It will be a hard fight over the next four years, just to see if we can turn this ship around. It is good to see people working hard to change California.

  3. Bryan, I think it was very bold for you to present your conservative views here on Facebook. I too am a conservative (Deplorable) Republican living in Southern California. I am a sustaining member of the Republican National Committee, and on the Republican National Committee Presidential Advisory Board. California is a great State, but let’s face it, we haven’t had a decent Governor since Ronald Reagan. I had the pleasure of working with the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984. I have been very embarrassed by our present leadership in Sacramento, and the liberals of Berkley, and Hollywood Ca. I would like to help in anyway to see that California is brought back to the Republican Party, and guarantee that President Trump gets the nomination and wins in 2020. In order for Trump to see that we “Make America Great Again”, we have to Make California Great Again too. Let me know how I can help.

    • Hey, Cheryl what you can do to help is to promote any candidate you like for either race in California.

      There are several candidates I’m looking into doing reviews on

      Laura Smith For Governor,
      Don Adams For U.S. Senate,
      Travis Allen For Governor,
      John H. Cox for Governor
      Brian Allen For Governor

      And there will be probably more candidates coming in the next few months.

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