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By Cherylynn Costner

Point & Counter Point with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtain in the early SNL skits were hilarious. It was all fun and giggles when Dan would begin his counter with “Jane, you ignorant Slut!” as Jane would sit stone-faced silent awaiting her turn to rebut, with what was always loaded with just as sharp and cutting-edge humor about Dan’s male chauvinism and blind ego assumptions. Forty years later, the prime-time news is more humorous than the writers of the 1978 Saturday Night Live could have ever dreamed up.

Case in point, Megan Kelly was just another blond former attorney on FOX News until the debate where she insulted then-candidate, Donald Trump. He threw her vulgar inquiry back in a way that was new to the world of politics; direct and honest, imagine that!

Suddenly, Megan Kelly was a household name. Those in the MSM expected the New York businessman to play suck up politician and apologize. However, they soon learned a valuable lesson. Did he apologize?  Nope, Trump simply refused to do a debate on the same channel that would keep Kelly on the air after her unprofessional low-class insult posed as a debate question.  The debate ratings plummeted when Trump refused to attend.  The debate on FOX flopped and Trump took home the Champion Heavy Weight Title of Must See TV!   The MSM confused and desperate to save face in their mad plight to destroy Trump backed Kelly.

In what may have been nothing more than a brazen act of defiance, MSNBC grabbed up Megan Kelly for an unbelievable $20,000,000.00. You would think she was the only reason FOX was winning the Nilson Ratings by storm. Not that FOX was giving fair and honest coverage of the viewer magnet, Donald John Trump.

Kelly, of course, snatched up the once in a lifetime offer in a heartbeat to enter MSNBC’s stable along with their competitor news host Rachel Meadow.  Today, Kelly is on NBC doing a morning talk show and competes with the likes of Let’s Make A Deal, oh boy! Thank God, NBC stole low-talent Kelly from FOX.  Her removal cleared the way for the extraordinary wit and keen legal mind of Tucker Carlson, who took over Kelly’s time slot. During Tucker’s first week the ratings were 2- 3 times higher than Megan Kelly had when she left FOX.

Lately, Tucker has been featuring a reoccurring guest who will take a pro-stance on liberal concepts devoid of any rational thought to a whole new level.  Cathy Arue, a FAR left liberal, is one of the most sexist people in the world. Not even Jane Curtain could compete with her level of nonsensical arbitrage. She arrogantly spews sexist speech about how men who use gender-specific language are not only sexists but she also pushes the theory that men should be criminally prosecuted and jailed, while she herself articulates sexist speech about men.

She claims her sexist statements are NOT criminal hate speech on the grounds that her bigotry is somehow socially acceptable because it is men who are in charge.  Under her own standards, she should be carted off in handcuffs for talking about men as if they were a subspecies of humanity.


Areu goes so far as to seriously state on public television before the world that she believes men are subjecting women to hate speech for things as rudimentary as using the pronoun “her” instead of “it” or “person”.  The above segment demonstrates the pure insanity and total loss of objectivity that has become the cancer devouring the Democratic Party, especially since the landslide victory of Donald Trump to the office of POTUS.

If the editor of the girlie magazine was really pro-female, her bubble might include at least some credit to the Trump Administration for the voice of women that has resulted from hard work being done both here and abroad.  For example, President Trump took his wife and daughter to Saudi Arabia during his first foreign visit.

Saudi King Solomon greets Melania Trump

Saudi King Solomon shook the hand of Melania Trump when he personally greeted our first family as they exited Airforce One. Those in the MSM made a big deal about the King touching a woman’s hand calling it “Historical,” then went on to trivialize the handshake under the concern over the first ladies’ fashion choice of wearing a wide belt around her waist.

Was the MSM sexist by inventing a controversy over Melania’s belt because she was a woman?  When was the last time a man was critiqued on his belt size? Not only is that sexist in the extreme, it is a pitiful example of journalist futility in the light of such a milestone event.

Ivanka Trump is seen at a ceremony where her father US President Donald Trump received the Order of Abdulaziz al-Saud medal from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud at the Saudi Royal Court in Riyadh on May 20, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN

Fast forward to less than a year after Trump’s visit.  Big changes have unfolded in Saudi Arabia. King Solomon admitted he knew corruption existed but had always assumed since it has been that way as far back as anyone could remember, there was just nothing that could be done about it. That was until Trump started draining the D.C. swamp.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal alongside 10 other princes and a number of Government Ministers and former Ministers have been arrested by Saudi’s new anti-corruption body, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

King Salomon had the corrupt Princes placed under arrest and held without bail to face criminal corruption charges. Although a little mention was made by those in the MSM on the arrest of the Princes, very little, if any word, was mentioned about the advancement of Saudi women who were granted the right to attend sports events, wear stylish fashion rather than bland black drapes revealing only their face, if not just their eyes, driving cars for the first time, and even allowing women to attend universities.

Oh, no, Miss Know-It-All on who needs to say what, when and how fails to say a single word about the great accomplishments of Donald Trump and his elegant wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, who are both successful businesswomen in their own right. If women issues were really so important that simple pronoun could land a hard working American man in jail under the so-called liberal standards, then the groundbreaking work the First Lady and First Daughter did in inspiring meaningful change in Saudi Arabia would have been meant at least some respect, not total resistance on every level.

Liberals like Cathy Areu are such backward hypocrites. It is all about being resistance while refusing to see any of the value of President Trump’s foreign Policy influencing these revolutionary improvements. Even women in Iran protested in the street for their rights, which could lead them to be publicly tortured and killed to chill their daring to speak out, and when President Trump embraced their courageous act of defiance against REAL SEXISM.  It is a dead giveaway how phony feminists like Areu are when their plight of being the so-called Resistance, would rather the MSM criticize our President. President Trump tweeted in support of the Iranian woman’s demonstration while holding up ex-Secretary of Foreign Affair’s under Obama, Susan Rice who tweeted that he should “Be Quiet”.

Many thanks to Tucker Carlson for dragging these swamp creatures out into plain view. He gives them an opportunity to explain themselves thus exposing the hideously and hypocrisy that now characterized the Deep State Media (DSM).  The MSM can’t afford to return the favor and give conservatives airtime on their liberal programs.  Conservatives are the new counterculture who speak the truth!.

Like a good baseball game, it is suspenseful to see who is taking the home plate when the opponents are playing as if they already won the game.  FOX News has risen to the occasion with its lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and on the weekend Greg Gutfield and the eloquent, Judge Jeanine, as well as many other world class programs which bring the news the deep state MSM refuses to break in their silence.

There will never come a day when we call Melania Trump “America’s First It”, so can the left please stop the mindless garble? Like when Elizabeth Warren stated that if it takes immigrants raping women then so be it, did anyone think for two seconds that Senator Warren would let Muslim immigrants whose religion teaches tolerance of raping white women knock her down and have his way with her?  Of course not, it is just an obstructionist game they play because they lost and are such poor losers.

The joke is wearing thin as America has a big job ahead to drain the smelly overcrowded swamp. Why should we have to defend ourselves for being Winners? Americans have real work to become Great Again, and you know what?  It feels good, doesn’t it?


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