CNN’s Chris Cuomo Proves TDS More Resilient Than Coronavirus

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Despite CNN’s Chris Cuomo being infected with Coronavirus and running a 102-degree fever, he proved Coronavirus ain’t got SH*T on Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Broadcasting from his basement, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, or one of his trusted Trump resistance firefighters back at CNN headquarters, was still able to selectively edit a video from President Trump’s daily Coronavirus briefings to lend validity to Fredo’s unhinged TDS narrative.

One of our favorites reporters Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra exposed Chris Cuomo blatant hypocrisy, but showing CNN repugnant report, followed immediately by the unedited version of what President Trump stated.

The Chris Cuomo clip had CNN egregious host wailing “GET REAL,” before immediately launching into his tirade about President Trump playing politics during the Coronavirus crisis.

After playing the Clown News Networks’ highly edited Trump comments, Saavedra segued into the uncut version of what President Trump actually said.

What the unedited video showed was the only one who favored playing politics, rather than reporting on the reality of the coronavirus crisis was none other than Chris Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo Shows He Fits In Perfectly At The Clown News Network

Cuomo’s disgraceful hatchet job of what Trump had said during the White House Coronavirus Briefing was intended to show the President as some simpleminded stooge who would rather paint an enthusiastic view of the grim future America was facing because he was unable, or unwilling to face the reality of the impending Coronavirus pandemic.

However, what CNN edited out between the President’s cheerleading showed Trump stating the complete opposite of what they were shoveling.

Despite Cuomo’s deceitful claim that Donald Trump couldn’t level with the American people of the seriousness of the Coronavirus.

What the unedited version showed President Trump both cheerleading while simultaneously explaining some of the steps he took intended to limit the deadly consequences that the Coronavirus presented our nation.

The part of the video that CNN reprehensibly cut had President Trump explaining:

‘But ultimately when I was saying that [cheerleading] I’m was also closing it down. I was obviously concerned, because I closed down our country to China which was heavily infected… Then Europe… And ultimately to the UK.’

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