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CNN reporter Oliver Darcy was triggered by Fox interviewing InfoWars’ ‘Gun Girl’ but he was quickly reminded of own network’s history


CNN’s skinny, but just as moronic, version of Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy, fumed that Fox News, in an interview, described Kaitlin Bennet as a “gun rights activist” after reporting on her tumultuous visit to a liberal loony toon college campus.

InfoWars contributor and Liberty Hangout co-founder Bennett appeared on ‘Fox and Friends First’ to discuss recently getting run out of Ohio University, where swarms of protesters chased the young gun rights conservative and her team, throwing objects like toilet paper at her.

Kaitlin Bennet is known for filming her visits to progressive college campuses and exposing how misinformed students.

But what set CNN Oliver Darcy off was Fox News introducing Bennett as a gun rights activist during their segment.

Darcy criticized the network for not mentioning Bennett’s association with Alex Jones’ InfoWars or past “inflammatory comments” made by her.

However, Darcy’s outrage over another network legitimizing someone controversial was laughable to many Twitter users, who were quick to point out just how egregious CNN has become.

Here’s is how I responded to Oliver Darcy and his idiocy about Fox.

Here’s how CNN used the pan and zoom to manipulate the video to show only Trump dumping the box of food when he was only following the lead of Japan’s PM Abe.

Here’s how CNN originally reported the story:

‘On his first international trip as President of the United States, Donald Trump may have caused an international incident by dumping his box of food into a Koi pond, which could endanger the lives of Japan’s national treasures.’


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