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CNN’s unhinged liberal leftist Jess McIntosh spewed an insane accusation that Trump Deplorables couldn’t care less about our families, our neighbors, or our country.


On CNN tonight’s Super Tuesday election coverage commentators Van Jones, and Terry McAuliffe sat silently by as political hack Jess McIntosh backhandedly accuse Trump Deplorables of caring little for Family, Friends, or America.

An unhinged Jess McIntosh went off on a tirade about Progressives being Leary of voting for Joe Biden but during her diatribe, she injected her derogatory remarks about supporters of President Trump.

McIntosh suggested that unlike Clueless Joe Biden and his supporters, Trump’s Deplorables do not “genuinely care about their neighbors and their families and the direction of this country”

It goes without saying that supporters of President Trump have proven that they’ve been the complete opposite of what this loony leftist liberal was spewing.

Since the beginning of President Trump’s candidacy, Deplorables have endured violence, threats, and intimidation and, of course, MAGA racist hoax’s galore.

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But far worse is the fact that the media has been enabling this unhinged behavior from the triggered left.

I would love to report that this CNN reprehensible comment was an isolated incident spoken by an unhinged CNN leftist commentator.

But as you know the Clown News Network, despite being embarrassed, sued, and caught red-handed manipulating stories, and videos to bolster their Trump-Hate agenda,

CNN hasn’t missed a beat in their campaign to smear President Trump and his MAGA supporters.

Clearly, CNN, MSNBC and the liberal bias Media has failed to learn their lesson from Donald Trump’s historic election win in 2016.

With every comment, story, or leaked anonymous source spewing the mainstream media’s latest Trump-Hate delusion.

It only goes to strengthen Trump’s Deplorables resolve in helping President Donald J. Trump win reelection in 2020.

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