CNN Fareed Zakaria Admits That Trump Killed Global World Order

Fareed Zakaria and President Trump

CNN’s  Fareed Zakaria says President Trump’s protectionist trade policies have become “normalized” as more and more countries are following the lead of the United States.


Fareed Zakaria is no friend of President Trump so this makes his report even more damning by the fact that the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates keep insisting how other countries no longer have any respect for America and are laughing at President Donald Trump ‘American First’ policies.

Hysterically, CNN’s “Global Public Square” host Fareed Zakaria is claiming just the opposite?

Hmm, who to trust?

A) A member of the #NeverTrump crowd working for CNN who files a report praising President Donald Trump, or

B) Those honest to a fault ‘Truth Sayers‘ of the Democratic party and the fake news media cohorts?

I’ll take “A” for $1000, Alex.

Speaking from Davos, Switzerland the site this week of the 50th anniversary of the World Economic Forum, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said:

Donald Trump’s speech here went over relatively well. That’s partly because Davos is a conclave of businessmen and they like Trump’s pro-business message. But mostly, the president’s reception was a testament to the fact that he and what he represents are no longer unusual or exceptional. Look around the world and you will see, Trump and Trumpism have become normalized. 


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