CNN Fails To Write a Single Word About The Hunter Biden Bombshell Report

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CNN lived up to its ‘Clown News Network’ moniker by taking a page out of their Tara Reade playbook by not printing or saying one word about the New York Post’s Hunter Biden Secret Email bombshell story.

Yes, the same CNN who was one of the first to jump on the debunked Steel Dossier gutter trash, and whose reporting was so flawed that even the Trump-hating Washington Post blasted the so-called ‘Facts First‘ news network for its track record, demanding that CNN “come clean” on its faulty reporting.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple took aim at the Clown News Network in a series of reports ripping CNN for continuing to “stand by” its past reporting on the debunked Hillary Clinton paid for salacious idiocy.

Wemple singled out CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, who claimed in December 2017 that the intel community “has corroborated all the details” of the dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele, while others on the network insisted that “parts” or “much” of it were verified.

But when it came to the Hunter Biden email bombshell story…Crickets

CNN Not Only Ignored the Biden Story They Also Neglected Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

CNN managed to fill its airtime on Wednesday without acknowledging the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden while also skipping almost the entirety of the Amy Coney Barrett Senate Confirmation hearing.

Fox News and MSNBC aired the confirmation hearing of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee virtually uninterrupted. Meanwhile, CNN aired its regularly-scheduled programming.

In fact, the only time CNN cut into the hearing was to hear Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ questions and remarks towards Barrett and quickly resumed with its programming after the California senator finished.

Making CNN blatantly ignoring the Hunter Biden story even more egregious was the fact that throughout the day Twitter and Facebook become a major part of the story after the two social media giants began suppressing the Post’s report on their platforms because it laughable violated their policies against hacking and publishing private information. See Donald Trump leaked tax returns.

Even after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called out his own company for their repugnant censoring of the Hunter Biden story, and subsequently locking down White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for linking to the story that still wasn’t enough for CNN to mention the story to its viewers.

To be fair MSNBC also completely ignored the Hunter Biden story but that’s not at all shocking considering that unlike CNN who promotes themselves as an unbiased reporter of the news.

MSNBC does little to hide the fact that they are essentially liberal propoganists and Joe Biden’s public relations news outlet.

CNN ignoring anything named ‘Hunter Biden’ is par for the course

If CNN ignoring anything ‘Hunter Biden’ comes as a shock, it shouldn’t, since they’ve been doing this almost from the moment Joe Biden’s delinquent son becoming a news story during the 2020 election.

If anyone goes to CNN and searches for “Hunter Biden” here are the results of that inquiry.





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