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As the First day of the Trump Impeachment Trial was winding down CNN declared it “was devastating for the President of the United States both short term and long term.”


During Tuesday night’s dinner break in the impeachment trial, CNN, the Clown News Network, put forward a case that January 21, 2020, will be a day of infamy for President Trump.

CNN political analyst and resident drama king Carl Bernstein stated on AC360, at the end of the break, that Tuesday “was devastating for the President of the United States both short term and long term.”

Specifically, Bernstein huffed that “there was a narrative told today, uninterrupted by shirt-sleeve [sic] Jim Jordan or anybody else of a grievous abuse of power….and then a massive coverup, all of which was demonstrated fact after fact after fact and these senators had to listen to it.”

Bernstein also asserted, without evidence, that there could be “a majority of” Senate Republicans who think “Trump is unfit to hold office.” 

From there, Bernstein continued spinning Resistance fan fiction by asserting (and, again, without evidence) how Chief Justice John Roberts and his fellow Justices will react to the trial:

[M]eanwhile, you also have the chief justice of the United States who is going to hear many cases and assertions by Donald Trump and some of these same lawyers who lied to day I think in the long run the Supreme Court of the United States led by this chief justice might be really offended by the conduct that they are hearing and witnessing today.

In the previous hour on OutFront CNN host Erin Burnett, wasn’t any closer to reality.

CNN presidential historian Tim Naftali spun that the day was a failure for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Via Newsbusters

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