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You Citizen, have a responsibility as a citizen of the United States as well as a citizen of your state to help protect the Sovereignty, Liberty and Independence of all other citizens. In doing so, you help to preserve your own safety and security within our Constitution.

So what is wrong with the united states that needs to be repaired. First you must begin to understand the disease.

A Nation built on debt cannot survive for long.

Since the Rothschild’s could only purchase the District of Columbia; even illegally, they had no authority outside the 10 Square miles of Washington DC. This seemed be be the only way they could weasel their way into controlling the currency of the united states after they were removed by Andrew Jackson.


When the 16th Amendment was installed (illegally and unconstitutionally) the Congress passed their authority for our monetary system to be handled; not by our US Treasury, but by an International Banking Corporation. Congress had no authority to delegate their responsibilities.

This Banking Corporation had a contract with Congress and not the Citizens of the many “Sovereign Constitutional Republics” and therefore, they had no authority to tax the citizens directly as no corporation can deal over a nations borders without treaties and contract agreements; in this case by the citizens who have never approved taxation by a foreign entity. Even so, by corporate law a contract must be between two people and not between a corporation and a person.

Remember, each state is a separate country with its own Government, Constitution and Flag. At no time was there ever an agreement of the citizens of any state to accept the policies of an international banking corporation.

Understand that the Internal Revenue Service is a product of the Federal Reserve of which is an international Banking Corporation and therefore it is a collection agency for the bankers.

Each Bill the Federal Reserve has printed under contract for resale to the American Government is in fact a “BILL” and produces debt. This debt can never be paid off as it is the continuous printing and selling these bills to the Government who distributes them to the citizens who must then pay the bill through what is accepted by the ignorance of citizens as an income tax. This so called income tax is no more than a usage fee for the use of the international bankers currency and again, there is no contract between the people to force them to pay such a tax/usage fee.

Since we are a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign Citizens in each Republic, no licenses, taxes or other fees may be forced upon a Sovereign. Ignorance of citizens can kill a nation.

Understand that the Revolution was because of the Rothschild banking policies and of course taxation from the Crown. (Taxation without representation).

Understand that President Thomas Jefferson refused to sign the renewal of the Hamilton Bank Charter to the Rothschild’s during the Washington Administration, causing the War of 1812.

Understand President Andrew Jackson fired the bankers and withdrew all united states money from the Bank of the US (the BUS) (the BUS, being a corporation, authorized by James Madison) and placed it into private banks in 1832. President Jackson paid off the National Debt for the first and only time in the history of the united states on January 8, 1835.

After this, we used Money, rather than currency. The difference?   Money is backed by assets and currency is backed by nothing but hot air. Money is free as there is no tax on it, but as we have seen, currency is extremely expensive.

A government within a government. What the criminal government of Washington DC refer’s to as the UNITED STATES Corporation.

The Congress no longer works for the citizens who elect them. Now do we understand why Congress does no longer follow OUR Constitution? Do we understand why congress will not support a Constitutional President?

When you are bought and paid for, you work for who paid you for their protection and we the citizens of the United States are not represented when the United States Corporation is running the show.

Is it time for TERM LIMITS for all elected representative positions other than-perhaps the Sheriff who must also follow the Constitution and his Oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend this most important document that is the Citizens only protection?

It is citizen responsibility at the community and state level to vote in Term Limits and insure those who are elected are fully aware of their obligations to the citizens.

Not voting is not an excuse! Understanding the Constitution and why we are a Republic and not a Democracy is the citizens’ responsibility. Being able to decipher the difference between fake news (propaganda) and the reality of the news is also a citizen responsibility and no watching the news is not acceptable when a nations future is in the balance.

There are talks of States leaving the union of a sovereign constitutional republic.  Looking at the world around us, would this be a wise thing to do, or should the citizens demand our Constitution back?  How do we get it back?  How do we return to sovereign citizens status when our local and state governments are as corrupt as the Federal Government and look at Venezuela again today.  Only this time, their constitution is being trashed and they are being drug into a communist dictatorship!

Be careful what you ask for.

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  1. Very well explained! You put this in such a way that I can understand it, thank you! This is why J. F.Kennedy was assassinated, correct? (Partly) He opposed the Federal Reserve

    • The primary reason for the Kennedy assassination was his Presidential Executive Order No. 11110. It allowed the US Treasury to print Silver certificates based on the silver the US had in store. If he had been allowed to print enough Silver Certificates and release more US Notes backed by metal, he would have put the Federal Reserve out of business.

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