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Chuck Todd is fast becoming the DNC’s #1 go-to guy for propagandizing their plan, which at this moment is the obliteration of Bernie Sanders.


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has gotten the Bernie Bros all fired up but for all the wrong reasons.

What makes this story so sweet for Trump supporters is getting to sit back with a big ole bucket of popcorn and watch the left eat its own!

But what really puts the cherry on the top of this leftist sundae is the fact that after three years of the liberal loony toons calling Trump supporters Nazis.

It’s hysterical watching liberal Democrats heads explode because MSNBC’s sleepy-eyed Chuck Todd had the audacity to call one of their own a Nazi.

When Todd read from a Bulwark Online piece saying of Bernie Sanders and his supporters:

“no other candidate has anything like this sort of ‘Digital Brown Shirt Brigade’ I mean, except for Donald Trump.”

Before the words finished spewing out of Chuck Todd’s weasely mouth, Bernie Bros figuratively (and probably a few literally) lost their poop as they tore into the DNC’s paid-off puppet with a vengeance!

Here is the clip that got MSNBC’s answer to John Acosta into hot water with the supporters of Bum Ticker Bernie:

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