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CBS Weekend News started off their Sunday evening segment saying: This weekend marks one year since Joe Biden announced he was running for president and a lot has changed.

Unfortunately, CBS Weekend News host Leslie Forster forgot to mention: It’s also been 34-days since Tara Reade first went public accusing her former boss, Joe Biden of sexual assaulting her.

As we reported yesterday Tara Reade lambasted the Mainstream media for ignoring the story:

“It’s inexcusable, I’m sorry that I’m politically inconvenient but my perpetrator was Joe Biden. And people need to deal with it.”

Reade, who worked with Joe Biden when he was a Delaware senator, alleges he inappropriately touched her and penetrated her with his fingers without consent in 1993.

“It happened all at once, and then … his hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” Reade recalled in an interview with podcast host Katie Halper on Wednesday. “He said ‘come on, man, I heard you liked me. For me, it was like, everything shattered … I wanted to be a senator; I didn’t want to sleep with one.”

And Right On Cue CBS Goes Out And Proves Tara Reade Correct:

AS CBS Weekend News marked one year since Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign. Rather than use the occasion to hold the presumptive Democratic nominee accountable for sexual abuse allegations leveled against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade.

CBS chose instead to focus on touting Joe Biden’s all-female short list of vice presidential picks.

CBS Correspondent Ed O’Keefe declared:

“Joe Biden knows a thing or two about being number two….And knows exactly what he’s looking for in a running mate.”

“Biden’s list is expected to include a mix of governors and lawmakers, many of whom aren’t shying away from the speculation,” 

O’Keefe over the top giddiness was followed by a series of clips highlighting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala Harris, and failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams all expressing their eagerness to be his running mate.

Via Newsbusters

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