Obama-Deep-State Inspector General Report

BOMBSHELL: U.S. Atty. John Durham Is investigating If Obama Admin Hid Evidence of Russian...

U.S. Attorney John Durham has been investigating whether Obama administration officials hid or perhaps manipulated intelligence about Russia's meddling.
Ilhan Omar, Tim Mynett, and ex-husband, Ahmed Hirsi

Ilhan Omar’s ex Ahmed Hirsi Discovered Her Cheating By Walking In On Them

Ilhan Omar's ex-husband Ahmed Hirsi made the shocking discovery of her cheating during a surprise visit to his then-wife's Washington, DC apartment
President Trump's 2020 Election Rally

Democrats Should Be Terrified By President Trump’s Primary Vote Totals

Democrats should be terrified that despite President Trump not being in any danger of losing in the primaries, voters are turning out in droves for him.
Rolanda Hollis

Alabama Democrat Bill Mandates All Men Must Have Vasectomy At Age 50

Alabama Democrat State Rep. Rolanda Hollis introduced a bill on Thursday that would require men to get a vasectomy after their 50th birthday.

Trump’s SOTU Speech Approval Numbers Are Off The Charts

Polls show President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) speech was the best he’s ever delivered, and the same polls show the Democrats are in serious trouble

Adam Schiff Responds to Trump Tweet

Adam Schiff said that President Donald Trump “intended” to threaten him, referring to a tweet from the president earlier in the day.
Michel Bloomberg's Stop-and-Frisk Racist Audio Leaked

Michael Bloomberg Racist Stop-and-Frisk Audio Leaked

The Michael Bloomberg leaked audio not only defends his stop-and-frisk racial profiling policy, but also paints all minorities as violent criminals.

FBI Reviewing Claims Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reviewing claims that Democratic House of Representatives Ilhan Omar married her brother

California Democrats Bill Protects Pedophiles Who Sexually Abuse Innocent Children

A handful of leftist politicians in California recently introduced a new bill that protects adult sex offenders who prey upon and assault minors.
Joe Biden Elizabeth warren

Breaking: Biden, Warren Shut Out In New Hampshire

In a stunning rebuke of two of the Democrats Clown Car of 2020 Candidates, Biden and Warren didn't receive enough votes in New Hampshire to win a single delegate.
Rashida Tlaib Meet The Press

Former Dem Lawmaker Thrown Out Of Muslim Event for Asking Rashida Tlaib a Question

Former NY Assemblyman Democrat Dov Hikind was removed from a Muslim event, after asking Rashida Tlaib "What about your anti-Semitism?
Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialist

Former Goldman Sachs CEO: Bernie Would ‘Ruin Our Economy,’ Gets Blasted on Twitter

Former Goldman Sachs CEO tweeted that Bernie Sanders would ‘ruin our economy,’ adding “If I’m Russian, I go with Sanders this time around.”
Fareed Zakaria and President Trump

CNN Fareed Zakaria Admits That Trump Killed Global World Order

CNN Fareed Zakaria, no friend of the President, admitted that Donald Trump invited every nation to follow his example and they're doing just that.
Chuck Todd Bernie Sanders Digital Brown Shirt Brigade

Chuck Todd Under Fire For Saying ‘Bernie’s Digital Brown Shirt Brigade’

What makes this Chuck Todd story so sweet for Trump supporters is sitting back with a big ole bucket of popcorn and watch the left eat its own!
AOC's BF Riley Roberts: You're a White Racist

AOC’s BF Riley Roberts: You’re a White Racist

AOC's effeminate sounding boyfriend Riley Roberts took to Instagram to explain that if you're white then you're a racist.
Watch As Nancy Pelosi announces she's sending Rep. Adam Schiff to the Senate to lead the Democrats Impeachment hoax against President Trump

Nancy Pelosi Says House Democrats Will Vote To Block Trump’s Travel Ban

Another silly Democrat idea doomed to die in the Senate: Nancy Pelosi Says House Democrats Will Vote To Block Trump’s Travel Ban
Hillary Clinton Facebook MuMu

Hillary Clinton: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Has Trumpian Views

Hillary Clinton alluded to Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg possessing what she calls “Trumpian” qualities matched with “authoritarian” views
Joe Biden gets upset about Ukraine quid pro quo video

Joe Biden Gets Angry After Being Asked About His Quid Pro Quo Ukraine Video

Joe Biden became visibly upset when asked about his shady quid-pro-quo Ukraine video during an interview with New Hampshire's WMUR-TV
Trump pelosi

Fed Court Throws Out Democrats’ Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump

A Federal Court Threw Out One Of The Democrats' Charges That Trump Violated the Constitution's Emoluments Clause by Profiting off the Presidency.

Joe Biden: Trump Has Never Once Denounced White Supremacists

Joe Biden keeps lying about President Trump having "NEVER ONCE" denounced white supremacists, racist, or Nazi's