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Joe Biden’s promised voters that he’ll roll back President Donald Trump’s immigration policies “On Day One,” including getting rid of Obama’s illegal immigrant cages.
Shockingly, not shockingly, the Biden campaign appears ready to roll back his pledge to roll back Trump’s evil immigration policies.
The Biden campaign issued a statement saying it’ll “take time” to ‘rollback’ Trump’s policies so they’ll remain in place once Joe Biden takes office.

In a Tuesday conference call with reporters, top Biden advisers warned that asylum restrictions and other immigration policies on the United States’ southern border will not be going away anytime soon.

Rolling back the policies, advisers say, will “take time.”

This is despite the fact that Joe Biden swore on numerous occasions to immediately reverse Trump’s immigration decisions if he won the election.

Biden tweeted in January.

“Donald Trump has slammed the door shut in the face of families fleeing persecution and violence.

On day one, I will eliminate President Trump’s decision to limit asylum and end the MPP [Migrant Protection Protocols] program,”  

Promise Made…Promise Not Kept

Biden’s flip-flop is already earning the Democrat a wave of criticism on social media.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald tweeted:

“It appears that the inclusion of a policy in a campaign platform, or a promise by a candidate trying to win votes, doesn’t actually mean that’s what will be done once the person is in power,”

“Biden plans to use the cages he and Obama built when he is president. He is urging patience,” another user

One of TuskerDaily’s favorite Twitter Users, writer Stephen L. Miller called out those Democrats, and the media who simply took clueless Joe at his word:

“Guess you guys should have asked Joe about those cages after all,”

 But Joe What About Obama’s illegal immigrant cages?

Critics also pointed out, the Obama/Biden administration, also had strict immigration policies.

The most infamous being the building of “cages” for separating families coming into the country illegally.

Of course, despite overwhelming evidence, the Democrats tried to accuse, some of which still do, Trump of building Obama’s cages.

In October, Democratic nominee Joe Biden was forced to acknowledge that his ‘Best Buddy Barack’ was solely responsible for the cages to detain children illegally crossing the border.

Biden said it was a “mistake” the Obama administration was never able to implement the immigration reform that was promised for years.

But while admitting their administration’s egregious mistake.

Joe Biden quickly threw his ‘Best Buddy Barack’ under the bus by claiming things will be different when he is in office because “I’ll be president of the United States, not vice president of the United States.”

I suspect this is just the first of many lies Joe Biden will be telling over the next 4-years.

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  1. This is how deep and wide is the gap between regular, hard working contributing, productive Americans and multimillionaires Democrats. Here the “you know, the thing” Biden wants to open the gates to foreigners. He does not have to worry about destruction of home values, overpopulating a single family house, converting the driveways into mechanics shops, decreasing the area’s safety, hence the logic increase of Real Estate tax to cover the police extra personnel needed to ensure a relative peace. Let alone the overcrowding of schools. Let alone making the once quiet neighborhood into constant loud, noisy weekends.
    These multimillionaires Democrats do not have to put up with them. They apply JLB’s ideology, with illegal immigrants> They let them in, their kids (which they will have in bunches to assure ‘Government help’), whom in turn, are indoctrinated on voting Democrat.
    This is how deep and wide is the gap between these multimillionaire Democrats and the rest of hard working, productive, contributing Americans.

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