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At times like these I think back to all the times I had to write about MSNBC’s Brian Williams in some backhanded way, lecturing America on what an imbecilic choice we made electing President Trump.

Similar to La La Land liberals reading a script, MSNBC’s 11th Hour host reads from a teleprompter and fools people into thinking they’re the smartest person in the room.

But even though both he and New York Times Mara Gay admitted that they’ve both seen this tweet “earlier.” Nevertheless, during that time their little pea brains stubbornly refused to kick in.

My Lord, Williams was so over-the-top giddy about his newfound revelation that as he showed the tweet, he went so far as to plead with his audience “Don’t tell us if you’re ahead of us on the math”.

MSNBC Brian Williams Math Midget

Even more hysterical, was the other half of MSNBC’s dynamic duo of dimwits, New York Times Mara Gay. Who immediately after Williams read the tweet, lectured: “It’s True. It’s Disturbing”.

Folks, they don’t come any dumber than these two bags of rocks because Bloomberg couldn’t give us $1 Million each, however, he could cut each of us a check for $1.53.

MSNBC Knows How To Fix Brian Williams Kindergarten Math Faux Pas

MSNBC’s 11th Hour later admitted the mistake, when Brian Williams returned from commercial break sputtering something about failing in math, and “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

To keep their ‘we’re smarter than you’ charade going, MSNBC assured us that they’ll scrub Math Moron Brian Williams’ faux pas from their repeat telecasts.

Too bad America can’t do the same with Brian Williams, that MSNBC did with their ‘Two Twits Talking Tweets’ segment.

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