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The media anointing Joe Biden President-Elect, combined with two hurricanes that wrecked and flooded swathes of Central America last month has migrant caravans, once again, heading to America’s southern border according to Bloomberg, and The Washington Post.

And why shoculdn’t they? Joe Biden has already pledged to abolish many of the migration policies of President Donald Trump, including, ironically enough, Biden and Obama’s policy of prolonged detention, separation of families, and locking undocumented immigrants in cages, which they had hoped would deter illegal migration.

Biden also announced that he will implement a 100-day freeze on deportations and end the policy of making hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers remain in Mexico, according to CBS News.

Which had Ned Price, a spokesman for Biden’s transition gushing:

“President-elect Joe Biden will restore order, dignity and fairness to our immigration system.

At its core, his immigration policy will be driven by the need to keep families together and end the disastrous policy of family separation.”

It was nice of Ned Price to conveniently leave out the part about it being the Obama/Biden administration that passed those supposed repugnant ‘family separation policies.’

And lest we forget, failing to mention that it was Obama, and Biden who built those cages that the he and the Democrats keep whining about Trump locking illegal migrants in.

Migrant Caravans Are Already On The Way

Biden’s pledging to roll back the Obama/Trump immigration policies has encouraged impoverished Central Americans to make the trip and test America’s, near guarrenteed, weakened Sothern Border.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, the coordinator of the Guatemala Red Jesuita con Migrantes, a non-governmental organization, said:

“There are going to be caravans, and in the coming weeks, it will increase. People are no longer scared of the coronavirus. They’re going hungry, they’ve lost everything, and some towns are still flooded.”

“When there is a change in government in the U.S. or Mexico, caravans start to move because they are testing the waters to see how authorities respond.

What they see is that the one who said he was going to build a wall and hated Latinos is on his way out.”

On social media, announcements are circulating for caravans, groups of migrants traveling together, leaving San Pedro Sula, Honduras’s second-largest city.

The first of those scheduled Migrant Caravans is set to leave in the coming days and the second in mid-January.

Mexico Fears A Return To Pre-Trump Migrant Caravan Chaos

Mexican officials have privately expressed their concerns that if Joe Biden moves too quickly to revoke Trump’s illegal immigration enforcement policies, it could have a dam-bursting effect at their southern border, unleashing pent-up demand from desperate Central Americans.

“Our southern border was a mess, and it’s under control now,” said a senior Mexican official who spoke on the condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to discuss potential relations with the United States under the Biden administration.

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  1. Are we going to welcome them with food stamps, free cell phones, section eight, Medicaid, welfare, accompanied with a welcome letter signed Biden-Harris?

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