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by Randall Nozick:

As I write this, the votes are still being cast, but the majority is already reached. From here it’s a formality. The federal government is “back in businesses”. It will most likely be “shut down” again in a couple weeks when the temporary funding bill expires. So let’s have a look at what really happened here.

First, it is vital to realize that not much really happened at all. The government took a weekend of big press and almost no effect. There was tons of outrage, but this is certainly no first rodeo for the federal departments affected.

Military pay is really the only one I take seriously, and they handle that through reserves for zero cost pay advances. Of note, however, was the glaring lack of barricades around national open air parks, in sharp contrast to the previous administrations efforts to make the “shutdown” as painful as possible.

Second, why the quick retraction? The answer comes down to pure political optics. The Democrats expected their pet news media to push a narrative that the evil Republicans shut the government down (and we’re ALL GONNA DIE), but it did not work out. It was the perfect two button meme scenario: If shutting down the government is so bad Republicans must be condemned, why did the Democrats vote against it to “save the Dreamers” when DACA doesn’t actually expire until March?

Even the hardest of Lefties had no idea which button to press. The result: bad optics and a hasty retreat.

Third, and deepest, what is going on with DACA, really? It’s important to note that the Center for American Progress was seen in a leaked memo┬átelling the DNC there would be no DNC if they can’t make the Dreamers happy (paraphrasing broadly). This is a HUGE problem for the DNC considering even the most liberal news sources are noticing the Dreamers don’t just want amnesty, they want amnesty for everyone they know (also paraphrasing broadly).

President Trump came to the table with reasonable options and, let’s face it, can not be more reasonable considering he’s already going further than his supporters would prefer. If those options are not enough to satisfy the Dreamers, the DNC is in a no-win situation. The “nuclear option” is still out there looming over them and time is running out.

Stay strong, My Fellow Americans. This is only going to get worse before it gets better. It is up to us to keep a level head because the other half of the country is pushing panic to get what they want.

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  1. Mr President , I am from England & follow everything you do. I wish our political misfits had half the resolve that you have shown but unfortunately we are heading into a bad place. Our democracy should see the will of the people carried through, but like many others I know bexit is nothing more than a dream, all i will say is pain & destruction to those that dare block it. One day when you hear that a new threat has hit Britain & it is similar to what happened in Ireland for many years, please remind them why. Welcom any time to England.

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