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by Daveda Gruber:

Guess who was right, again? I appears that President Trump was. Remember when he said that no one knows who hacked the United States? Well, while she was Secretary of State, China hacked Hillary Clinton’s email sever. They then inserted code that forwarded them a copy of, in effect, every email she sent or received after that.

President Trump is demanding that this be investigated.

The firm operating in the D.C. area wrote code that was then embedded in the server and generated a “courtesy copy” for almost all her emails, which was then forwarded to the Chinese company reported The Daily Caller.

This code, according to reports, was discovered in 2015 by the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), which then warned FBI officials of the intrusion.

A source who was briefed on the matter confirmed the details of the Caller’s reporting. The source said that the ICIG was so concerned by the revelation that officials drove over to the FBI to inform agents, including anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok, of the development after it was discovered via the emails’ metadata.

The hack was from a Chinese company, described as a front for Chinese intelligence.

Another source said that officials outside of the FBI indicated code on the Clinton server suggested a foreign source was receiving copies of emails in real time.

Late Tuesday the hacking report caught the attention of President Trump. He tweeted:

Wouldn’t you know, the FBI disputed the claims.

An FBI official said, “The FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised.”

The official referred to the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s report in June. It detailed how the FBI conducted intrusion analyses into the server to look for evidence the accounts on the server had been accessed.

According to REUTERS:

Speaking in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said such accusations were nothing new.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve heard similar kinds of allegations,” Hua told a daily news briefing.

“China is a staunch defender of cybersecurity. We firmly oppose and crack down on any forms of internet attacks and the stealing of secrets,” she added, without specifically mentioning Trump or Clinton in her answer.

U.S. intelligence officials have said Russia orchestrated the hacking of Democratic officials to meddle with the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton’s office did not respond to a request for comment, but a spokesman told The Daily Caller, A spokesman from The Daily Caller said, “The FBI spent thousands of hours investigating, and found no evidence of intrusion. That’s a fact.”

Peter Strzok was advised of an irregularity in the metadata of Clinton’s server. It was suggested that there was a possible breach but no follow-up action was taken.

Email from Strzok, said “we know foreign actors obtained access” to some Clinton emails, including at least one “secret” message “via compromises of the private email accounts” of Clinton staffers.

In July Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, asked Strzok in a House Oversight Committee hearing whether he was briefed about an anomaly on Clinton’s emails found by ICIG officials.

Gohmert told Strzok, “You were given that information, and you did nothing with it.”

Strzok said he remembered meeting with the ICIG officials, but did not remember the contents of the meeting and that every allegation was forwarded to experts who looked at it carefully.

Strzok said, “If there was a lead, I gave it to the team.”

Strzok was fired this month over the anti-Trump texts he sent to FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The two were having an affair.

On Tuesday Gohmert said that the emails were obtained by a foreign country’s intelligence, but he declined to name the country in question. He said there was no sign that Strzok and the FBI had taken any action when informed by the ICIG, and no indication that they even informed Clinton.

He was surprised that his questioning about it in the Strzok hearing in July didn’t generate more media attention. He noted that the press grabbed and ran with a comment he made shortly afterward when he asked Strzok, “How many times did you look into your wife’s eyes and lie about Lisa Page?”

He also said, “It’s critically important. he said, when asked about the significance of the server revelation. There are countries that would pay a tremendous amount of money to know what Clinton was saying, doing and thinking through her emails, what she’s doing, who she’s going to meet, what she thought about meetings, not necessarily classified but critically important and those emails were compromised and people like Strzok, when they were briefed, knew this would devastate her chances of being elected and they weren’t about to do anything to hurt those chances.”

Former FBI Director James Comey concluded the FBI’s investigation into Clintons emails in July 2016 when he  said that while Clinton had been “extremely careless” in her handling of classified information. He would not recommend charges to the DOJ.

I don’t know what your feelings are but this makes me extremely angry.

China and Russia are not the same country. What kind of garbage has the previous administration let happen?

Why do the elite get treated differently than regular folks?


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