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Mike Bloomberg keeps repeating his lie that he led New York City through the 9/11 attacks…Sorry Mini-Mike, it was Rudy Giuliani.

Mini-Mike Bloomberg didn’t become NYC Mayor Until 2012!


Mike Bloomberg is claiming in a campaign ad one of the things that make him qualified to be POTUS is due to him leading New York City “through” the 9/11 attacks.

Mini-Mike claimed this during the South Carolina Democratic Debate and is now also touting his leadership chops, in a new campaign 30-second video ad.

Bloomberg has so far poured $500 million of his $62 billion personal fortune into his ad blitzkrieg that has been flooding the airwaves with campaign ads.

“I led a complex, diverse city through 9/11 and I have common-sense plans to move America away from the chaos to progress,” Bloomberg, 78, is seen saying at a campaign rally.


Hey Mini-Mike Why Aren’t They Calling You Don’t Call You “America’s Mayor”?

Giuliani gained the moniker “America’s Mayor” and was named Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2001 for the leadership he showed on that horrific day.

It was Rudy Giuliani, not Mini-Mike Bloomberg who took charge of the 9/11 rescue and recovery efforts, and he did it with leadership that Mike Bloomberg could only wish he had.

It was Rudy who attended multiple first responder funerals, that totaled into the hundreds. 

If there were more than 24 hours in a day, Rudy Giuliani would have attended every single one of them.

It was Rudy Giuliani’s leadership attributed to 9/11 that made him recognized around the world as “America’s Mayor”.

In fact, Rudy’s leadership, and determination was so instrumental in helping America overcome the shock and horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth awarded him an honorary knighthood.

However, in fairness, Mike Bloomberg was praised for leading the rebuilding of a decimated Lower Manhattan in the decade after the attack.

But Mini-Mike was considered wooden by NYC residents for failing to connect with victims’ families, especially when Bloomberg’s bedside manner was compared to Rudy Giuliani’s.

The truth is under Mike Bloomberg’s Healthcare plan, many first responders who were severely hurt wouldn’t have fared too well under Mini-Mike’s death panel.

One thing Bloomberg won’t be mentioning in any 2020 campaign ad is how, under his leadership, the planning for the 9/11 memorial became so politicized, that it was considered by New Yorkers nothing short of a clown show.

The only thing I’ll say about that at this time is the process gave more weight to the Muslim community on what the message of the 9/11 memorial should be, than those of the families who lost loved ones.

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