Bloomberg Comes Out Swinging On Bernie Sanders

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Mike Bloomberg tweeted out a campaign ad showing a compilation of outlandish tweets and videos posted by Bernie Sanders’ ‘Bernie Bros’.


Mike Bloomberg accused Bernie Sanders of acting like President Trump by engaging in attacks against the billionaire former three-term New York City mayor and misrepresenting his comments about farmers.

Of course, to prove Sanders’ Bernie Bros were acting like Trump, Mike Bloomberg tweets out an ad that President Donald Trump would have tweeted out in a second.

Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey slammed the Sanders campaign for circulating a 2016 video of Bloomberg making remarks about farming that he claimed were “completely out of context.”

The heading on the statement said, “Bernie’s New Bro….Donald Trump.”

“It’s a shameful turn of events to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump deploy the very same attacks and tactics against Mike, but the reason is clear. At this point, the primary is Bernie’s to lose, and ours to win. Bernie knows this. Trump knows this. That’s why they are united in the campaign against Mike,” .

Bernie Sanders responded by snarkily tweeting out a photo of Bloomberg with Trump together on a golf course, again something President Trump would and has done with Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s Burisma buffoonery.

So, for these two morons to cry ‘Don’t Act Like Trump,’ they sure are trying to capture the Twitter mastery of President Donald J. Trump aka The puppetmaster.


Do As I Say, Not As I Do Hypocrite Democrats

The back and forth began after Trump supporters started circulating a video in which Bloomberg suggested during a 2016 talk that farming and factory work require less “gray matter” than modern technology jobs.

Sheekey claimed the video of the Bloomberg comments circulated by the Sanders’ campaign was  “taken completely out of context.”

“The video cuts off Mike’s first sentence where he is referring to agrarian society that lasted 3,000 years, not farmers today.”

Of course, hypocrite Democrats have no problem when they selectively Donald Trump’s MS-13 ‘they’re all animals’ video, to make it appear that the President was labeling all illegal immigrants ‘Animals‘.

Or when Democrats like Joe Biden continue to lie about President Trump’s Charlottesville ‘good people on both sides’ comment, claiming Trump was calling white supremacists Nazi’s ‘good People’.

Not only did Bernie Sanders’ campaign post the video, it was also retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

Boo Hoo! Socialist Sanders Sandbagged Us

Sheekey said the controversy surrounding the video was just the latest Sanders’ camp attack against Bloomberg.

He noted that in just the past week, Sanders’ national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray, senior advisor David Sirota and national campaign co-chair Nina Turner have referred to Bloomberg as a “racist” and an “oligarch,” and “implied Donald Trump is better than a fellow Democratic candidate for president, and called Bloomberg supporters ‘enablers.’ ”

The racism charge was a response to Bloomberg’s prior comments defending the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy when and after he was New York City mayor — particularly in a 2015 Aspen Institute speech audio tape of which we posted after it was leaked last week.

Pot Calling The Kettle Black

It’s hysterical that the vertically challenged Bloomberg and his campaign mouthpieces are bringing even more light to his egregious comments.

As we reported, recently Mike Bloomberg has had a slew of videos and lawsuits (17) against him come forth documenting his revolting behavior.

These videos and lawsuits reveal Michael Bloomberg to be nothing more than a revolting sexist, misogynist, sexual deviant who spends countless ‘Bloomberg Billionaire Bucks’ trying to cover-up his past reprehensible behavior.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Stories We’ve Posted Over The Past Week Highlighting Mike Bloomberg’s Boorish Behavior:

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  1. He and his family are personally profiting from the presidency. Despite Trump’s promise he’d sever all ties with his existing businesses and place all assets in a “blind” trust to eliminate any conflicts of interest, documents show Trump remains the sole beneficiary of his trust and still retains the legal power to revoke the trust at any time. Meanwhile, foreign dignitaries have flooded Trump’s hotels, lining his pockets in clear violation of the Constitution. He even attempted to host the G-7 at his own luxury golf course until he was forced to back down.

    • Of course, you went with feelings over facts Donald Trump NEVER… EVER said he would all his assets into a blind trust… That is what the media claimed he should have done, but Trump doesn’t listen to the fake news morons. And oh, by the way. A Federal Court just threw out the Democrats lawsuit that Trump violated the emoluments clause because they showed NO PROOF that Donald Trump was profiting off the Presidency. In fact he’s lost money.

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