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by Kathy Crest:

Out in the middle of the Caribbean sits a 72 acre private island, owned by a Wall Street billionaire and convicted pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, built an empire around selling under aged girls to very wealthy bidders. His guest list was lengthy, and the “entertainment” illegal, but that didn’t stop Bill from visiting some 26 times.

What is it with the rich that so often finds them dabbling in sexcapades, drugs, and even the occult? Does their wealth lead to boredom or are they born into some kind of cult? For decades they have kept their illicit behavior a secret, but now the public is finally learning just how sick and demented their world really is.


Jeffrey Epstein was convicted in 2008 of holding young girls against their will as slaves, and forcing them to have sexual orgies with older perverted men. Police investigated Epstein for three years prior to his arrest, and found he had been trafficking high school aged girls. After his arrest, he hired a dream team of attorneys who managed to cut a deal, releasing him of all charges except one count of soliciting prostitution. Funny how money can buy your freedom that way.


Like most billionaires, Epstein owned a private jet. His would not only be used for his financial dealings, but also to deliver innocent young girls to his island, where they would be forced into sexual encounters with men over three times their age. Epstein would also transport the wealthy participants in his jet, and his little black book was filled with well known names, such as Harvard Professor, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew. The 727 was dubbed the “Lolita Express”, as it’s tricked out interior included a bed for frequent flyers to engage in sexual activity at 30,000 feet.

Epstein employed an assistant, a woman by the name of Sarah Kellen, and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, to locate and “prepare”
the young girls who would soon be prostituted. During Epstein’s trial, Kellen received immunity for her part in the crimes, while Maxwell has always denied any guilt and was never charged. One of the young girls, Virginia Roberts, who was only 15 when she was taken, would later file a lawsuit against Epstein and named Dershowitz and Prince Andrew as two of her molesters. She would testify that she was forced into an orgy with the Duke of Wales and 8 other girls. “Epstein made me have sex with Prince Andrew several times,’ she said. ‘I had sex with him three times, including one orgy. I knew he was a member of the British Royal Family, but I just called him ‘Andy’.”

After they had sex, she was paid $15,000, she said.


Flight records played a big part in the case, and revealed names such as Bill Clinton who flew on the 727 some 26 times. His wife, Hillary, is on record six times. Rumors have swirled around the internet that a video exists of Hillary and her former secretary, Huma Abedine, having sexual relations together with an under aged girl. Wouldn’t it be something if after all the allegations Hillary has thrown at President Trump of sexual misconduct, all of which have never been verified, came back to haunt her through her own misdeeds? 

One of Hillary’s former Secret Service agents has often told of his experiences while serving her, and his tales are not ones of appreciation for her. “I worked for Hillary. She’s the most inauthentic human being, holding a position of prominence, that I’ve ever met. It’s not just that she lies and deceives, it’s that she does it with such ease and skill. Caveat emptor.” Bongino tweeted.

This week, Bongino got into a Twitter spat with another former Secret Service agent who defended Clinton by the name of Nick Merrill. “Be careful Nick, people know things not yet released publicly about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser, you may not like the results. #Epstein #EmailGate,” tweeted Bongino. According to Alex Jones of InfoWars, Bongino was referring to the video of Hillary and Huma Abedine. A second tweet read, “Dear Nick, are you sure you destroyed ALL of the Blackberries. Was there govt property in the bunch?” #PeopleKnow

Kevin Spacey, who has been hit with one sexual abuse scandal after another, was also named as a passenger on the Lolita Express.

One thing is for sure, the elites have taken a huge hit the past month. From Hollywood to the music industry and now our own government figures, it seems there is a common denominator, SEX. What has not come out as much, is the amount of under aged abuse that these people are involved in. The main stream media has protected these pedophiles for decades, and now it is time for the victims to have their day in court. Sadly many of the abused never live to see another day after they suffer at the hands of their predators. Thousands of children go missing each year in the United States alone. No child should ever be subjected to such abuse. The penalties should be swift and the sentences long, and these elites who use their positions to commit such heinous crimes should be made examples of so that anyone else in their same profession shall never think to abuse another child again.


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  1. PLEASE!! For the love of God, Mr. President, take down every last one of these immoral, lying, predatory heathens. Our innocent children have suffered, far to long, in the hands of evil. Expose these demons for who they are and may every last decent human reject and persecute them. Let them first, rot in prison, marinade in their shame and discrace, then spend their eternity in hell for this heinous behavior.
    I believe in you, Donald Trump, I admire your brilliance, power and all the good that you’re trying to accomplish, though it may seem like an uphill battle, I believe that you ARE the ONLY person mighty and courageous enough, who can and will initiate this change. Thank you, in advance for finally exposing this evil and eliminating this threat. May God bless you, keep you and your family safe, on your journey to making America great again. Lori Bono (an average American citizen and avid Trump supporter)

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