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by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

Ask yourself, why would the Main Stream Media ignore the BIGGEST story in American history?

It’s got everything any reporter, investigator, news anchor or news agency could ever dream of for a story or scoop.

Even Ted Baxter and Jimmy Olson could see this one from a mile off.

It’s got sex, intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal; foreign, domestic, and big time players.  It’s got espionage, spys, double crosses and double, double crosses.  It’s got cover-ups and murder, crime families, international and global finances, and influences.  It involves stolen technology, pay to play, and state secrets. It involves the FBI, CIA, the Mossad, child trafficking, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, assassination attempts, coups, intelligence and counter intelligence, clandestine and secret organizations.  It involves the World Bank, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, the Masons and Luciferian Death Cults.  It involves past presidents, heads of states, corporate and financial leaders, and secretaries of state and treason at the highest levels of government.  What’s not to love?

But all our news agencies seem focused and compelled on hyping up a false, fake and phony news story like a ruminating obsessive-compulsive disorder patient off their medications.

Why do you suppose the national mockingbird CIA run news agencies are dead set on burying the greatest story in two centuries, and insist on dragging a dead horse around in an attempt to sell it to the public, and to perpetrate and promote a fake, phony and false witch-hunt?

Does all this seem like some fantastic fantasy concocted from some third rate spy novel?  That is what the Left would like you all to think.  Sadly it’s all true and worse then we all could have imagined.

We are seeing the unfolding of the most EPIC tale of treason and betrayal since Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss.

We are going to see how Secretary of State Hitlery sold out America to the Chinese, costing lives and threatened national security.  We are going to learn how Saudi Arabia paid for Barack Hussein Obama’s Harvard education.  How Valarie Jarred early, early on became his handler, even introducing Barry to his wife Michael, for an arranged marriage.  How the Cabal infiltrated our government with agents of the Muslim brotherhood throughout.  How foreign players infiltrated our most powerful and influential officials computer networks.  How military secrets were compromised and how America was all up for sale to the highest bidders in an attempt to tear our nation down and enslave it’s people economically.

The nation is getting ready to be torn apart as all this escapes out to the American people despite the mockingbird media’s attempt to block it.  But like a car motor, sometimes you have to tear it down and rebuild it to make it run like it should.

Tensions will run very high when the truth comes out and the thousands of arrest begin.  Many will be in shock and denial, not unlike the night Hitlery lost but, worse.

Don’t trust the news.  Investigate for yourselves.  The information is out there.  For some of you, what I am saying, is the first you have heard of such craziness.   For others of you, this is of no surprise and couldn’t come fast enough.

This week is just the opening credits of the opening feature and trilogy.  The plot and some of the actors are being exposed.  As with any movie there is a beginning, a chase scene, a climax and end with closing credits with a teaser of sequels.

Playing at a theater near you.  Enjoy the show.  The more you know.

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG


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